Manic Monday!

The night was punctuated by Five (AKA Πεντέ) barking earlier in the evening and then from 02:00 – 03:30. I shared my displeasure by sending a series of emails to Maria via Georgia’s email account. Georgia is not very good at English but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the drift. Five will be tied up tonight so I can get a good night’s sleep. Then Oskar decided to add his two cents and have a little bark at 05:10. Hardly worth going back to sleep for twenty minutes but I stole a ten-minute lie-in anyway.

It was dark and somewhat cloudy even leaving that little bit later. There were stars but outnumbered by the clouds. Not a particularly auspicious start to the week. Once it got lighter I noticed more clouds building over the mountains so called it a day. The dogs didn’t seem too concerned.

I fed them and Dave and, sure enough, down came the rain. The day continued and ended as it had begun with a succession of showers.

So why was it Manic? I had my first call at 09:00 UK time and it didn’t stop from then on. Interruptions at this end too with a customer wanting to see one of the Small Cabins and Xanthippos wanting the key to T3 to fix the leak. The router requiring a reboot so I could perform remote sessions to fix the problems people were calling about. The same customer then required the washing machine. I’d decided to do some food preparation for the evening, and tomorrow, and tomorrow too. Then they decided they would pay and go, to come back on Wednesday with their two daughters, one of whom will be having her birthday. And then I forgot to put the price of the washing machine on their bill so will collect that when they return. A succession of calls, emails and visitors.

Matthew left for Thailand on Sunday evening to hopefully finalise the sale of some land he has. There has been a constant flow of emails between Matthew and the purchaser but now they think they are close enough for him to come out to clinch the deal. The next problem is to get the cash back to UK and to translate it at a reasonable rate. Matthew, if the deal goes according to plan, will be a multi-millionaire, however, the Bhat is currently worth £0.022 so you need to be a multi-millionaire to have something worth changing.

Now the camping is devoid of customers, Albanians excepted. Georgia’s dogs didn’t get a walk and neither did mine. Too many clouds, it was already dark, and I didn’t wish to risk getting a load of wet dogs or a wet me for that matter.

My culinary creation consists of three types of beans, some real beans, leeks, courgettes, aubergine and mashed up tomatoes. With onion and garlic of course. Not altogether, I hasten to add, as the quantities are larger than any cooking pot I might have. I shall embark on a tasting quite soon and then chill out for the evening. Keeping it separate also allows for a little creative flexibility.

All in all, I’ve had more relaxing days. My fitness circles? Not a chance! I haven’t even managed to close the stand one!

To benefit from the video at the beginning of the blog, just press the play button in the middle of the image. Make sure the sound is turned up or you’ll hear nothing.

Time for some creation…


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