Heating on!

If it’s not one, it’s another! Woken the other night by Five and last night by Oskar. He has been a little noisy recently during the night. I think it’s his hormones as he’s got a little stroppy. At around 02:00 I had reason to admonish him again for waking me up. He ignored my polite requests so I dragged myself from my pit to confront him face-to-face. As you might well imagine, I was less than happy. I hauled him out of his cage and took him into the storeroom where I tied him up. I returned for his cage and very unceremoniously bunged him in his cage without a blanket. He was in no doubt that I was annoyed. No sooner had I returned to the van than Pea decided to offer his contribution. He was hauled over the coals too after which the night remained peaceful.

The situation now is that the two wire cages covered with waterproof material, are now in the storeroom in a newly-cleaned area, standing on large blocks of polystyrene left over from the kitchen project. Oskar is in the large one and Luis in the smaller one. I have also just put Boris in the storeroom as I notice the thermometer had fallen to 10C.

The plan is to get a bale of straw to fill up the dog houses and provide a bit of insulation for the inmates. Blankets don’t always do it for them.

The walk this morning was uneventful despite Princess being allowed off the lead. There was little trouble for her to get into as there are no customers in the camping. She came back at the end of the walk like a good girl.

I was keen to get back as I had a dental appointment at 09:45.

I fed them and took Dave on a little wander around the camping. Rubbish neatly left in the bin by the Germans was scattered far and wide. I decided to close the sliding gates and the small gate. I am not able to block off the bar entrance as the boardwalk is deeply embedded in the sand and too heavy for me to lift. The boardwak makes a good barrier when put across the entrance. As least it will be harder for dogs to come in from the beach.

I wanted to be away by 09:00 as I had a couple of things I wanted to do beforehand. The first was to go to the post office to pick up a phone case and screen protector. The existing screen protector is broken and more than a year old. I’m taking my phone with me more so need a case to protect it. This screen protector and case proudly announce that they were developed in Cambridge, England, made in Taiwan by a US company.I’m not totally sure how all that works but am open to comments.

After the post office I wanted to go to Petrakis for some fruit but also managed to pick up some cranberries and beetroot. An interesting combination I know. I noticed the 1€ shop was open so had to go there. The shop was well stocked and increased its lines to include other items of value greater than 1€.

Then to the dentist for my 09:45 appointment. He looked at my teeth and decided there was nothing wrong with them other than some gum erosion and tartar. He cleaned them up and relieved me of 50€. Good value I thought as I was with him for around 45 minutes. From the dentist to the harbour to take a picture or two.

From there to the hardware shop to get some gas pipe, clips and a new clip for Dave’s line. 1m gas pipe, two jubilee clips and a chunky clip for 5€. Then back to the camping.

By the time I was back at the camping, I’d completed my exercise circle and was well on the way to completing the Move Circle (calories burned working). Despite no breakfast, I was overcome with the desire to get some jobs out of the way. Consequently, Dave has a new clip on his line. The gas bottle has a new hose and stands outside the gas locker as it’s easier to change like that. I can also more conveniently store stuff in the locker without the gas bottle taking up half the room. Then I had breakfast having first changed the screen protector on my phone and put it in its new case.

Xanthippos called to say he was repairing the leaky vent in T3. He asked if Five really needed to be tied up as there are no customers in the camping. I mentioned that my sleep was disturbed by her barking and he was unsure if he really wanted a phone call from me at 02:00. I’d said that I’d call him to tell him she was barking. He tied her up and I will release her in the morning.

A support call from Clive in Lewes and then some repositioning of the rubbish in the storeroom to allow me to put in the large and small cages. I swept the floor and acquired some space.

The evening walk was exciting as a couple of people were lurking on the Promontory. If I see no vehicles in the car park, and it’s almost dark, I assume there will be no one on the Promontory so release all the dogs. I suspect these people may have been engaged in some nefarious activity. Anyway, they got a good barking at so may have got the message.

Now all dogs are in bed and I need some food!


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