Quieter today

After a manic day yesterday, things were calmer today. All dogs were free on the walk this morning as no one was in the camping. Not the case now as the Swiss couple from yesterday arrived and have set up their tent in the restaurant area as I warned them of the possibility of rain on Sunday and Monday. Apparently, they return to Switzerland on Thursday so might stay a few days.

Princess managed to return at the end of the walk like a good girl and the only negative point was a bit of yapping earlier on. She wasn’t free this evening as there was a car parked in the Grammeno Beach car park and I wasn’t prepared for any hassle.

I cycled into Paleochora this morning and was back before 09:00 as I had stuff I needed to do. I went to Petrakis to buy oranges. The wind was behind me on the way back.

A lot of today was spent fooling around with computers. Deleting stuff on the EG servers to try to get back disk space and moving on with the Inter Sport project. There was time to take Dave on a couple of walks. A nice early walk on the beach returning via the Private Entrance with another, from the camping entrance to the road, down to the PE. He seemed to manage both with apparent ease. He almost galloped off at the beginning although his pace quickly slackened.

It was another warm and sunny day with a top temperature of 22.1C and a low of 12.4C. The dogs seem to have adapted to their new bedding arrangements although there is a bit more consolidation required in some instances. How the bedding holds up during the wet weather predicted for the beginning of next week is another matter.

Xanthippos, despite our telephone arrangement, where he is supposed to call my phone a couple of times and hang up to show that he has completed his walk, seems to have developed a habit of coming for a little chat. He’s been at the olives again today using a machine to agitate them from the branches. He tells me he’s in a certain amount of discomfort having worked with his arms and having his head looking up into the trees. I can’s say I envy him. He tells me he’ll come to gather the carobs from my trees next week. Probably not Monday as it’s supposed to be raining.

Following two nights of bean creation, tonight is going to be raw food again for a change. It’s starting to look a little tired in the fridge so needs eating up. I still have a leek which requires my attention. Maybe tomorrow…


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