New shoes!

I fell asleep watching a film last night only to wake up when it was on the second time around. Maybe I should have gone to bed earlier.

Ursula, despite not wearing her Apple Watch for the entire day, managed to do more than me even though I did two dog walks, a cycle ride to Paleochora and back, walking around the camping and taking Dave! I was besieged with notifications about her exercise achievements: Ursula has completed an indoor cycle, a rowing session, an outdoor walk and strength training. Mostly in the gym you understand. She did more exercise and burned more calories than me! She will waste away!

Awake before the alarm, I could prepare myself for the day ahead. I was actually getting up as it went off as was Obi. At present, he is the only one inside at nights. The others are in the external houses or in the wire crates which are now in the storeroom. The wire crates are unsuitable if it’s very wet or cold. We had a bit of both last week. Since the advent of the straw bedding, neither Fido nor Luis really seems that fussed. Oskar and Luis queue up to be taken to the storeroom where their beds are now.

The walk was uneventful. All were off the lead and all came back at the end, more or less promptly. Boris, I grabbed before he wandered off, and Charlie may have learned that sauntering back after everyone else has been fed, means no breakfast.

I left at 08:21 for my daily cycle to Petrakis in Paleochora but, in the end, decided to visit Vlisidis on the way back. This helped to use up some of my activity circle and a good chunk of my exercise. I was back in the camping by 08:58.

Earlier, I walked with Dave on a short circular journey involving the beach, returning via the PE. He was up for another when I came back so I took him down to see how the Swiss were getting on. They asked if they could use the washing machine so I arranged to do it later in the day.

Antonis appeared with a package from Millets. I ordered a new winter vest and a pair of walking shoes. I have boots but feel they’re a bit over the top except when it’s really chilly. I shall be taking my shoes on their maiden trip in a few minutes when we go for the evening walk.

Antonis said that he’s extremely busy and feels very tired. Although this must be a good thing financially, I can understand the situation. He left shortly before 12:00 and the weekly phone call.

I dealt with the washing machine request and wandered the camping idly checking security on the various vans and trailers. Xanthippos emerged carrying Five to take her to be tied up and given her daily medication. She didn’t look all that happy clenched under his arm. Georgia’s dogs are walked so I’m free to go. Dave needs feeding first before taking the others out.

There is a pervading aroma of burning at present as all the cuttings and plant, and perhaps other, rubbish is burned. Smoke wafts up as one looks from the Promontory. Flies are also a bit of a nuisance and I sit surrounded by the corpses of the fallen. I need to sweep later unless the wind does me a favour. The building site can also be a bit noisy at times and there was all manner of banging and crashing on Thursday. I thought they’d decided to perhaps demolish the newly-erected building.

Better feed Dave and do the evening walk…

Walk done and all dogs in bed. Except for Obi who is waiting patiently for me to finish writing this.

The trial ‘run’ of the new shoes was encouraging and certainly easier navigating the rocks than in my normal attire. Not so convenient for the summer but then I don’t go over the rocks.

End of another perfect day.

Looking west to the setting sun from the Promontory


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