Pea is not my favourite dog!

My night was disturbed on several occasions due to Pea making a racket. I shut him up by shouting at him but soon after, he was at it again! Finally, when I got up and went to deal with those in the storeroom, he decided it was time to bark some more. At 05:30 on a Sunday morning, this is not the most popular activity. At this point, I had a brief conversation with him making him certain that I was displeased. He was quite quiet for the remainder of the day.

There was a fine collection of stars on the Promontory but no Venus. The order of rising for today was Mars, Jupiter then Venus, however, Venus got blocked by some clouds and then washed out by the sun. Tomorrow, Mars rises at 05:00, Jupiter an hour later and Venus an hour after that. It will most likely be raining so seeing anything in the sky other than clouds would be a bonus.

Dave was energetic today, demanding another round-the-block walk when I returned from my ride to town and back. There was a little rain during our first excursion and I had been watching the clouds from earlier. Nothing to write home about as we just got a little damp. The Crew were all awaiting Dave’s arrival as we plodded up the PE. They are usually standing in a line along the fence, tails wagging as we approach.

As I was about to contemplate the possibility of some breakfast, Marting and his brother Colin arrived from Azogires to have a walk on the Promontory with their dogs. They stayed for an hour or so.

The remainder of the day was taken up with trying to sort out the EG server which has run low in hard disk space causing a few problems. Complications arise when you need disk space so that you can sort out the problems. What to delete next or move to where? It’s a bit like the tile game. I hope to have things under control now although I’m not sure it will be ready for the morning.

The day was warm and sunny again with a high of 23.1C. The lowest was 11.5C which is a bit on the chilly side. The wind is from the soutwest or west at present as that is where the weather will be coming from to delight us tomorrow. The forecast indicates rain beginning in the early hours with the bulk of it falling in the morning. It may be necessary to be a bit creative with the morning walk. At least this evening is warmer.

I shall now create something to eat and carry on watching my exporting servers. Yawn!


Unsurprisingly, Pea is not outside in the large house with his mother this evening. He is in the small house in the storeroom. At least if he barks, it will be muffled by the concrete.


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