Very damp day!

I was messing with EG servers until late but fell asleep so went to bed. Once in bed it was a very short while before I was asleep. Rain was falling when I woke up so decided that walking wasn’t on the list for now. Slept until 07:00, when normally we’d be coming back from our walk, and then got up to go out. I decided to take a look at the EG server to see where it had got to finding it had disappeared altogether. Something had happened whilst it was importing the server.

A quick email to Terry and then I used the apparent break in the rain to take the dogs out. Boris, Pea, Luis and Oskar were in the storeroom. Oskar and Pea due to being noisy quite recently. I got them all together and off we set.

I could see a few dark clouds but hoped it would hold off. Just after I released them, down came the heaviest rain we’ve had in a long time. There was me and all the dogs, attempting to find some shelter in the lee of some tall bushes. What a pathetic sight! The water penetrated my not-so-waterproof coat and my trousers were soaked in seconds. After a few minutes, it subsided so we continued. The dogs and I were wet so might was well carry on. Boris dutifully ran after his ball, despite the precipitation, and the others chased about and rolled in the wet sand. Princess lost about 4kg and it was interesting to see her so thin again. Her fluffiness disappears when she is wet, making her look a lot slimmer. We’d had enough so returned for breakfast. No sooner was than out of the way, then down came the next shower and so on for the remainder of the day.

Xanthippos appeared requesting access to T3 to check the leak was repaired just as it was beginning to rain again. My van had begun to look more like the reception office so I’d decided to return the various keys to the office. I felt elated as I trudged through the wet sand to the office, the rain beating down upon me. I opened T3 and we both inspected the bathroom to see that the leak was now fixed. Joy to Xanthippos!

Back to my computer endeavours which have occupied most of the day. No time for a cycle to Paleochora or even to Vlisidis for that matter as I seemed always to be waiting for someone to come back to me.

A very long and boring story cut short. Various attempts were made to access the server without success. Terry agreed to go to Aylesbury tomorrow to put a monitor on and tell me what he saw. I looked at the problem from a different angle and managed to get in via a local machine. I’m working on the server again now. Terry can spend longer in bed!

Hopefully, the import will complete and it will all be up-and-running in the morning.

I think I deserve a glass of wine and some food!

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