Penultimate day

No rain this morning but lots of activity instead. Having done very little exercise yesterday and been totally shamed by Ursula, I was determined to make it up today. She went to the gym yesterday closing all of her circles with 211% on the Move circle. More than twice round! I’ve never achieved that!

We went to the end of the Promontory but Boris had no ball so was a little dismayed. We walked along the rocks however I decided the southwesterly wind was pushing the sea too far up the rocks so we came back and went around the other way.

Then I tried a little experiment and went for a fast walk randomly around the Promontory. The dogs seemed to take to this new concept and followed me. I decided to be a little more organised and followed a longer, circular route taking in a variety of different terrains. This progressed to a five-minute run and I discovered I’d almost completed my Exercise Circle and pushed the Move Circle in the right direction. Boris struggled to keep up as he isn’t as agile as he used to be but he did his best. The others all arrived and then so did Boris. In all, I completed a couple of workouts in addition to the normal morning walk. My Exercise Circle was completed early in my bike ride to Paleochora where I bought oranges and bananas from Petrakis.

Dave had his little outings but they are so slow and deliberate they hardly get my heart rate above normal so count only as steps. The exercise apps are constructed in such a way that you have to actually put in more effort in order to trigger the level which will count against your fitness goals for that day.

The days was calmer than yesterday so far as work was concerned since I’d made progress with the EG servers getting them up-and-running for the morning. They are still in a precarious situation but at least they are working. I plan to have another go at them over the weekend.

There was also quite a bit of weather which consisted of a series of showers, some quite heavy. The weather station only reports 0.5mm but then the rain bucket is not optimally sited when the rain is blown from the west. The van creates a bit of a shadow I suspect. As for temperature, the max staggered to 18.2C around Midday but the moisture and the wind make it feel quite chilly. The dogs in the storeroom have the better situation tonight, however, those outside have more straw in their houses. I think straw is, in some ways more satisfactory than a blanket however it degrades quite quickly and gets reduced to dust. The quality of the straw is not fantastic anyway. I’d like to find a reliable source of good-quality hay. It’s warmer and should last longer.

I had a rambling conversation with Maria this morning and have to report that she has had a bit of a relapse as far as her smoking is concerned. The relapse was something to do with her visit to Athens to see her father. I decided not to ask too many questions as I might not live long enough to hear all of the answers. She tells me it was easier than she thought and will start again as of ‘tomorrow’.

Some rusty sections of reinforcing grid dumped on the ground in the gap in the fence by the stony beach kantina, lead me to guess that tomorrow morning’s walk will be the last via the Personal Entrance and the field. It looks as though the field has been rented out for winter grazing and the summer access will be closed off again. This will mean taking the dogs out through the camping and onto the beach. It’s not ideal but we had a good run for our money.


Time for some food!



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