Poor Oskar!

There may have been a little noise in the night but I didn’t seem to notice. We were out at the usual time via the Private Entrance for the last time. The wire, trough and pile of discarded pepper plants littered the exit onto the stony beach road. Oskar seemed a little distracted and kept darting about. Nothing really out of the ordinary for him as he is potty. His darting was getting worse as we arrived at the Promontory. I let him, and most of the others go. We wandered down and Boris played with his new flashing ball. I ordered them around a millennium ago from China and Lau kindly picked them up from the post office yesterday. The balls are not quite what I was expecting as they are not only flashing but also have a little squeaky thing which makes a little noise when Boris picks up the ball. Not only do I see the lights disappear as his jaws close around the ball, there is also the accompanying squeak.

Following my burst of activity yesterday, I decided to try to get more organised. I took off my coat and left it, together with all the leads, on a large bush. I started with some walking for ten minutes and followed this with a run which closed my exercise circle. Boris, in the meantime, not able to keep up, decided he’d had enough so we found him lying in the SDC when we all finally returned. I need to find a better way to manage Boris. Unlike the other dogs, who seem to enjoy following me about, Boris just cannot keep up so spends his time constantly catching up.

Wandering down to walk Dave, the Swiss couple were getting up so we had a chat. I asked them if they’d help me to block off the bar entrance with one of the boardwalks which are part of a longer walk down to the sea. The lower sections were taken up to prevent them being washed away. The top three sections were left in the sand where they have become waterlogged, and consequently heavier, due to the rain. They agreed and we arranged to do it after my trip to Petrakis. This would enable them to get some breakfast and pack up their tent.

I went off to Petrakis to do some shopping for the evening meal. The wind was behind me so I made the trip quite quickly. The quality of vegetables in Petrakis is pretty good and I was able to purchase everything I needed. I also picked up some Chia and dried fruit and nuts. They have a good selection of freshly-packed dried fruit, much cheaper than the branded and much smaller packs.

The return trip to Grammeno was much harder than the outward as I had the wind against me. It took over 15 minutes! By this time I was well on my way to completing my Move Circle, the Exercise one was half-way round again.

The Swiss and UK boardwalk team struggled personfully to block off the bar entrance. The boardwalk sections consist of decking planks attached to square section metal bearers. The sand has been wet for weeks so was clinging to the frame and the planks. The planks had also absorbed plenty of water making the whole thing very heavy. We put the first one into position and then decided to move the other two. With three of us, we struggled but managed in the end.

We drank coffee, made in their little Italian percolator, and chatted a while. I then went off to get something to eat and give Dave another little wander.

They came to see my abode and the dogs on their way to the camping exit. I walked down to where they had been staying to see that everything had been carefully put back exactly as it had been found. Including the plastic bags taped over the electrical sockets and control box.

The remainder of the day consisted of food preparation and the evening walk.

Xanthippos came to tell me he’d walked Georgia’s dogs later on and seems to have contracted a very nasty cold.

Oskar’s problem is some horrid skin irritation on his neck. He insists on scratching at it so will end up with a collar if he continues! I put on some skin spray left from one of Luis’ skin problems. Oskar gives a little squeal and disappears each time I use it. Poor Oskar!

I think my bean concoction is nearly ready so I’m going to live dangerously!



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