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It was warm in the night and there was a little barking from my lot. I don’t know what set them off but I later heard a car leave Grammeno Beach car park at around 03:00. Not many people are about at that time to walk their dogs or look at the view.

I even went out in shorts this morning for the early walk. I managed the Boris disappearing problem by tying him to a bush. He sat or lay and watched as everyone else raced around. He didn’t seem to mind too much.

I completed my daily Exercise goal with the walk out to the Promontory, a 1km fast walk and a 1km run. Later, I went into Paleochora and almost went round twice with the cycle rides there and back. This time the wind was from the east so it was easier coming back. I bought a new pan as a result of the horrid mess I made of the cooker with everything overflowing. This pan is the same size as the one I’ve been using but deeper. The only thing is that it’s not really practical to have such a large pan on the cooker at the same time as another.

Other than tidy up and a bit of IT work, today has been quite relaxing. Dave has walked around the block twice, which is no mean feat considering. Oskar accompanied me for a bathe in the sea. Oskar bathed, not me. I just got my feet and legs wet. Hopefully, the nastiness on his neck will respond to a bit of seawater.

Antonis and his Little Fiends are out doing AirSoft on the Promontory but as it is nearly dark, I suspect they will disappear so I can take the dogs for a walk. Taking the likes of Princess and Oskar out when they are all dressed up in camouflage kit is a recipe for disaster so better avoided. I’m hoping Antonis will read my message and call my phone when they start to pack up. Xanthippos already encountered them and it was he who brought them to my attention.

The telephone call from Andonis didn’t arrive, probably as I was talking to Janne at the time. Apparently, Stockholm is just a little bit cooler than Southern England. Janne and Erica will be arriving in Crete on 28 December for the New Year holiday. Hopefully, the weather will be decent for them.

Today’s high is 22.8C and the low 14.4C. No one could say that it is cold at present so none of the dogs was concerned about who went inside or who slept outside. Oskar chose to sleep inside and Charlie was too slow off the mark and Luis took his bed. Charlie seems to like curling up in the small crate as that was where he preferred to remain even after the departure of Millie, despite being offered an upgrade.

I managed to get 129% of my Move Circle and 243% of my Exercise Circle. Ursula was hampered by various commitments but managed to get in a swim as well as dog walks of course. She did very well considering the time constraints. I can cycle on the road and run, which she can’t but she can really carve up the calories in the pool.


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