Yellow wind tonight

Last night was windy but tonight is windier with a forecast of Yellow Wind later.

Orange and red wind is worse as it really makes the tent flap and the van heave and roll. The sail shade reduces the effect dramatically although I have yet to test it in a very strong wind.

The dog houses have been turned so the doors face west: they have the worst of the weather from the side or from behind. They are protected from the south by Janne’s fence and the storeroom cuts out most of the westerly winds.

The morning walk was uneventful and followed the trend towards more activity on everyone’s part. Boris became a spectator again in order to prevent absenteeism. We spent the first quarter-of-an-hour looking for his flashing ball, lost from the previous evening. It was Charlie who eventually found it as he gave himself away by squeaking from within the bushes. Unusually, I had my torch on in an attempt to speed up the reacquisition of the aforementioned ballaki. Charlie’s eyes shone brightly back from within the bushes, giving away his position. I urged Boris to find Charlie and reclaim his ball but he continued to wander around aimlessly as ever. Finally, Charlie did the right thing, giving up the ball when asked. Good boy Charlie!

I walked fast and jogged followed by the rabble. It does us all good I think.

Dave fed and stabbed, Five released from her kennel and around-the-block walk for Dave before my departure to Paleochora for my cycle part of my programme. I had not closed the Exercise Circle with my walking and running so needed to get this done. The wind was from the east so the run into Petrakis was long and arduous. Once there, I picked up some nice tomatoes, grapefruit and some big fat olives. Yannis, the son of the proprietor, gave me a warm welcome. The boy will go far if he sticks to the grocery business.

The run back to the camping was comparatively painless and included a stop at a roadside cabinet. Not many can claim to be enthusiastic about roadside cabinets but I am one. I noticed the OTE Rural South insignia on the cabinet and decided to go and look it up on the Internet upon my return. It turns out that OTE, the Greek phone company, has just completed its rollout of fast broadband to all communities in Greece. The word ‘complete’ is a loose term as we still seem to have a 4mb connection. Not my definition of fast. A quick look at Cosmote’s website and a search using the camping’s telephone number revealed that broadband to a speed of 24mb is now available at Grammeno. Not rocket speed by modern standards but certainly worth looking into. I sent a link to the site for Maria to contemplate.

The day was warm and sunny with a high of 21C and a low of 18.1C. The wind has made it chilly out of the sun or in exposed conditions. I did both walks in shorts again and am still wearing them now.

Following two evenings of cooked food, tonight is raw again.



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