Certainly not a Lazy Sunday Anything!

It’s 21:50 and I’m just beginning to write this as it has been a very busy day.

We started the day later at 06:00 as it’s Sunday. Also, there was no bike ride into Paleochora. Other than that, I seem to have spent a lot of time involved in camping business.

It was still windy this morning although lighter, as we went out later. Boris had his ball purloined by Charlie so his exercise was limited since Charlie was not forthcoming about returning the ball. Boris waited whilst I walked and ran. Today I walked further and ran less far to see what difference it made.

I guessed Georgia wanted to have a conversation about her plans for the camping and I was not wrong. We spent a considerable time deciding how to arrange the new wooden chalets she wants to replace the existing metal static vans. We looked at how we could convert an area into some inside space for people who come to the camping at the beginning and end of the season. Some new seating and eating area outside, and where to locate the metal vans destined to be replaced by the wooden chalets.

We discussed the problems of people stealing or otherwise misappropriating the contents of the chalets and some kind of deposit system. The hope is the new buildings will be high quality and will bring high-quality clients who will not steal the cutlery. Georgia is still determined that people will not cook in the new dwellings but has compromised on providing a small kitchen so serve the wooden dwellings only.

The task of having conversations in English and Greek is quite demanding although I can understand most of what Georgia is saying, the difficulty is replying. That’s where Maria comes in handy.

Mickey, the camping dog with the broken leg is still struggling as it was the first time I’ve seen him in a couple of weeks. With both of them here, they had to bring Mickey. Five was pleased to see him anyway.

My lot were less than happy as I was alway for a large chunk of the day. In the camping maybe but not there for their routine expectations. As it turned out, we went for a lovely moonlit walk on the Promontory at around 19:30. They are normally all in bed at 18:30. Then back for the Sunday treat of MEAT and biscuits!!!

When discussing the construction of the new cabins, I threw in the idea of Janne doing the work. Georgia is trying to move upmarket and away from the anything-goes approach. She has tried to involve Janne before but he is unable to compromise his standards by doing things the Greek way. I called him and he didn’t say no to the possibility of doing the work but made it clear that, although he wouldn’t expect the same rate as he commands in Sweden, he would not work at Greek rates.

I need some food so I’m afraid this is a bit rushed


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