Executive Bathroom

Following yesterday’s decadent lie-in until 06:00, we were back to normal times today. Looking out of the windscreen from the comfort of my pit I could see there were clouds although the moon was doing its best on its first morning appearance.

We escaped from the camping without waking Georgia’s dogs, even though someone forgot to put Five on her chain by her house. It was light enough to see without a torch so we were able to go on the rocks for the first time in a while. Boris’ ball was looking a little sad so I must remember to take out a new one for tomorrow. The flashing lights have become very faint indeed.

I walked and ran pursued by The Pack. Boris sat it out and counted how many times I went around the circuit. My ‘course’ is just 500m long so requires twice round to make 1km. I suspect 1km is a bit short now and should be extended.

I went to Paleochora to Petrakis and bought a new door mat for the outside. The previous one, picked up somewhere in the camping, was dropping to bits so has been retired. I bought some fruit and some more village wine in case it runs out. It’s very light so has no side-effects. Since my diet change, I no longer suffer any unpleasantness from red wine!

The morning ran into the afternoon as I did a couple of jobs around the camping. The first was to find a lock for the women’s bathroon door. During our ‘meeting’ yesterday, I suggested the men’s be turned over to the Albanians and the women’s locked for use only by any customers. That way the customers do not have to fight their way through the Albanians who generally make a bit of a mess of the showers and toilets. Georgia suggested that I should use the women’s bathroom as well.

I now have a key to the executive bathroom where I can shower is solitude and leave my stuff behind at the end. I just need a little chair to sit on and to run a broom and mop over the floor. I might look out for a bath mat since the one I brought from UK was acquired, perhaps by a passing Albanian.

The sun was shining first thing so I have managed to wash and dry an entire 15kg machine-load of washing. All very well having a huge machine but I have to save up the washing for ages and it makes a lot of putting away too.

Tonight’s meal was going to be to do with fakes (lentils) but I forgot to soak and cook them so it’s quinoa, beans and the leek which didn’t get used last week. It is ready, so I’d better get to it!



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