Winter may be here again

It was cooler this morning but I was still in shorts. A fleece and a scarf with a coat on top. After my walk and run I was warm enough but still had a coat for the Dave walk. A little rain fell so my trip to Paleochora was somewhat delayed. I bought loads of veg to do interesting things. Loads of spinach, some huge potatoes and some courgettes. I meant to buy carrots but forgot. I’m not sure what this meal will be like. Time will tell

Lau was leaving the camping as I returned from Paleochora. He was going to see some mates at the Paleochora camping. Soon after he left, I heard Five barking so went to investigate. One of Lau’s Dutch friends was sitting near to where Lau’s van usually is. I said he’d just missed Lau so we had a brief chat and he went off to catch up with Lau.

Soon after there was more barking so again I went to investigate. This time it was the same German car I’d seen disappear the other day. This time I caught up with him and was able to have a chat. The guy, Peter, is Austrian but drives a car with German plates for some reason. I didn’t ask. He said that I must be the ‘English guy with all the dogs’. I admitted I was and he said he was a fan. My fame goes before me! He wanted to get a place at the camping for his motorhome and would stay for most of the winter. He and his wife go to Austria in the summer.

I fell asleep in the sunshine and tinkered with one of Matthew’s estimates. Then he rang and we had a chat about it. By this time it was Dave’s walk and injection so the remainder of the day seemed to peter out.

I soaked my spinach and contemplated all the ingredients and how they might go together. I am still uncertain so tonight may end up to be bread and jam.

The evening walk was enjoyable but perhaps not for the two Albanians who decided to rejoin their bike just as the dogs were coming for their walk. I’d seen the bike so let only a few dogs off. The Albanians escaped with their lives and we went over the rocks and back for tea, bath, bed.

I’m still tinkering with my creation and I¬†will only mention it again if it turns out to be edible. I am feeling a little more confident about it having just stirred it all around. Filling I think it will be!

I should be brave and maybe eat some of it!


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