Bird in the storeroom

The morning got off to a good start with the walk going according to plan. We have lost and found all of the flashing balls although one of them has had its flashing bits removed. It may last another couple of walks but Charlie and Fido are ganging up on it so I don’t give a lot for its chances. At least I have removed the internals which includes the electronics and associated batteries. Not keen on the dogs chewing or otherwise ingesting either. Boris still has a flashing ball, however, I suspect that is not long for this world either. It rattles a lot when shaken and flashes only when it has the urge.

Fido took the ball away from Charlie this evening so Charlie took Boris’. Fortunately, Charlie was soon distracted by some horrid treasure so I was able to sneak the ball back to Boris. We were a little later out and didn’t actually depart the compound before 06:30.

I went to Paleochora to Petrakis as I needed some oranges and grapefruit as well as some clothes pegs. I’d just got off my bike and Yannis Petrakis was asking how long it took me to come from Grammeno. I had to confess that it wasn’t my best time as I was distracted thinking about things rather than putting too much effort into cycling. He was intrigued by the watch and showed me an app called Moves which records all of his activity throughout the day. It looks like a good app until you read all the negative feedback in the App Store. A once-good app which has now lost its course. I might give it a try anyway if it had watch support but I’m not really up for transporting my phone everywhere I go. I suggested that he might put Apple Watch on his Santa List but he told me he was already getting an enormous aquarium for his flat in the hillier part of the village. We then talked fish and tanks for a bit but his father intervened as he probably hoped his son might actually get on with some work rather than chatter to the customers.

The ride back was a little more enthusiastic but at 13 minutes 16 seconds could hardly be called record-breaking. I had some breakfast and caught up on some of those annoying jobs which are only small but which seem to take up a lot of time.

Then I had a call from EG saying they couldn’t access any of the computers at Bucks County Museum. I contacted their network supplier who looked into things for me. He couldn’t find a problem and I suspect it was a power outage or some work was carried out without contacting anyone beforehand. It’s up and running now but one of the Virtual Machines (VMs) failed to start so I need to amuse myself rebuilding that over the weekend. They will have to do without email for a little while.

Terry, I understand, is off to SA for a week: he says on business, however, Chris is less certain as to how much work will take place.

It has been a mixed day with a lot of clouds.  Being distracted by work, I took little notice so the water was less than hot when I went to the Hexecutive Bathroom for my ablutions. Later, one of the Albanians appeared outside my gate to ask if I could switch on the electric heater.

We went for the evening walk quite late so everything else has been shoved back. The dreaded bird in the storeroom is also unhelpful as I’d rather it wander out the door to a tree somewhere or go to sleep. It looked pretty sleepy when I was communing with it earlier. I persuaded it almost to the doorway when it flew off on some random flight. I can see why birds do fly when its dark. They don’t seem to be equipped with lights.

Hopefully it will stay quiet and both Pea and Fido, who are in the storeroom tonight, enjoy any excuse to make a lot of fuss about nothing at all.


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