Rain in the night

It rained in the night so I was thankful to be getting up at 06:00 and not 05:30. Those thirty minutes make all the difference. There was not a huge amount of rain, not enough even to register on the weather station, so it was fairly dry when we went for our walk. It was very cloudy so I expected there to be a shower and wasn’t disappointed. I’d got as far as run, walk, run, and was just completing the run when the rain came down. I untied Boris from his tree and we all huddled together in the lee of a rocky outcrop until the shower passed. Only a few minutes but enough to make one quite wet! At this point, I decided to abandon the walk, as it was nearly time anyway. We were mostly dry so I wanted to keep it that way. As it turned out, there was another little shower later.

I did a little IT work after the Dave walk and some breakfast. It was mostly cloudy in the morning so the dogs stayed in their houses. As the day progressed, it got sunnier.

I decided to move the camera which showed the picture of the bar in summer, to the outside of the bar/restaurant area. The cable was already there, so it was simply a matter of putting on a couple of plugs, testing the cable and plugging it in. I had to unscrew it from its previous location but that wasn’t much of a problem. The camera now looks west along the front of the camping.

I took Dave for his second walk and crossed paths with Xanthippos who had decided to walk Georgia’s dogs earlier. They were on the lead and I’m sure Dave didn’t even notice them. He took me on a long wander around the Promontory so we were out for over an hour. He kept going at his pace but survived quite well I felt. He was sleeping flat-out in his house when I last went past.

As there was little sun, I turned on the water heater as I was determined to have a hot shower regardless of anyone else. I tinkered a bit more with the camera and fixed it in the right position with the help of my iPad. Unfortunately, the wifi down by the bar is hopeless so it was a little frustrating. Georgia has given me the go-ahead to do the networking and cameras so I plan to make a start on it soon. Some of it is pretty straightforward as there are already cables and switches nearby. Replacing the cable and installing the section between the reception and the kitchen is going to be the most time-consuming part. Georgia wants a camera in the restaurant kitchen so I need to devise a way to get a cable in there.

The evening walk was fun but quick and included a walk along the rocks again. Having not completed my daily cycle trip to Paleochora, I needed to get my circles closed. With a bike ride, it’s easy. I did another 500m run and we walked at a good pace back to the camping. It was only after they were fed and all in bed when I was on my way back from the shower, did I finally close the activity circle. Better than last Sunday when I didn’t manage to do it. Not having the second walk of the run, walk, run, walk sequence didn’t help either.

I defrosted some slurry from the other day which is reheating on a Bain Marie which has rice in it. I can smell it is nearly ready so need to grab my fork!


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