Frustrating day

Just one of those days.

I was woken early by dogs barking at other dogs or creatures loose in the compound. I’m not sure quite which it was. There is the odd cat around although no signs of any rodents so far.

It was cool this morning although my weather data is not very good due to some conflict on the network. I have yet to find the culprit. My weather sending device seems to have reset itself to factory default but sadly I have made changes to the settings file since I last saved a copy. I will have to reconfigure it again so my weather websites are no longer updating correctly.

The EG network at Bucks County Museum is still having problems and I have been on-and-off with that all day. It transpires that there was some portable appliance testing on Friday so they thought it would be a good idea to turn off all the computers and servers. Where do they find these people? EG has been without email since Friday lunchtime. I got someone to turn all the computers back on again but there is now a problem with the network and the technician dealing with it has asked for help. Not from me fortunately as I have never been to the location and have no idea how it is all set up. Hopefully, there will be someone with a brain tomorrow who will be able to sort it all out.

I went to ride to Paleochora today to find that my rear tyre was flat. I tried to buy a new tyre and innertube last week but Manolis, brother of Georgia, did not have what I wanted in stock. Neither did he have any vulcanising cement for puncture repairs. My cycle ride did not take place so I ran around the Promontory with Obi, after dark, to make up for it.

It was dull and cold most of the morning but fortunately, the sun eventually came out. Not enough to heat shower water I suspected so I put on the electric heater to ensure hot water for my shower after my second run of the day.

I’m sure there were good things today but I seem to have remembered the not-so-good ones.

On that note, I’m going to get something to eat



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