Much warmer today

The alarm went at 06:00 and I was out of bed a few minutes afterwards. We were out on the Promontory around 06:20 where it was dry, calm and clear. There were a few clouds but I was able to see Mars and Jupiter without problem. We walked the rocks then I ran followed by the Tribe. Not Boris as he was tied to a tree guarding my possessions. I managed to run 3.25km which is more than on any other day in one workout. I had virtually completed my Exercise Circle before getting back to the camping. The dogs had loads of fun as they chased after me. They were particularly active this morning and played Hare and hounds with Charlie as the hare. It seems it’s mostly him as the hare. He rushes off and they chase after him. There’s lots of barking and one would think there is a murder going on. They see that I’ve gone out of sight so then proceed to try to catch me up. As the number of my circuits increases, they start to get tired so cut the corners as I run around the sandy part at the point with them sitting in the middle watching. Then it starts all over again.

My bike still had a puncture so it was not possible for me to ride into Paleochore so I went to Kountoura to Vlisidis. I needed some grapefruit and oranges. Whilst there, I picked up some toursi and olives. Petrakis only sell toursi in containers which are often quite expensive. I also bought some branded dog biscuits which I use as inducements on walks and at bedtimes. Walking there and back completed my Exercise Circle as well as progress my my Move Circle.

The EG network saga drags on although I can report that someone is coming into the museum tomorrow to hopefully rectify the problem. I was asked if I would be there at 10:00 but said it might be a bit of a challenge for me. They probably think I’m snowed-in somewhere.

I chatted to Jo as I gave Dave his afternoon walk. I chatted and Dave and I wandered in the sunshine. It was sunny and warm with a mostly blue sky above. The temperature was around 21C outside at that point. The maximum for the day is 21.6C and the minimum so far, 12.4C. I don’t expect it to be much colder.

The evening walk was a bit later tonight as it was getting dark as we went out. For some reason, there were quite a few people about so some of the dogs were on the lead as they cannot be trusted to behave nicely when they’re all together.

My alarm tells me my rice is cooked and my slurry reheated so I need to go and chase things around.


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