Nocturnal visitor

It was 02:00 when I woke to the sound of Five (Πέντε) barking outside the compound. I surmised that she would not stop so bit the bullet and got dressed to go outside. She was certainly going for it not far from Lau’s van! I had my head torch on so she could see me approach. I got down and she came over to me. I picked her up and took her to my van to spend the night with Obi. I managed to bring her into the compound and the van without any of the others apparently noticing. Except for Obi of course. She settled down and apart from a brief growl from Obi when she dared contemplate the possibility of coming onto the seat with him, there was not a sound until morning.

I then had to consider what to do with her. Do I leave her in the van and let her out when I come back? Tricky, because then all the dogs will be out.

Do I let her out of the compound to go free? She might bark at us as we leave and return from our walk. That would make the other dogs bark as well

I let her out of the gate and she went straight to sit by Lau’s van to lie down quietly. Why she was not tied up as usual, I do not know. Perhaps an oversight on the part of Xanthippos.

The morning walk was uneventful and I ran 2km. We were a little later out due to having to deal with Five.

Dave and I walked around the block although my intention was to take him onto the Promontory for a bit. Just as we came through the gate from the camping to the beach, the Swiss couple with three dogs were letting them out of their car. I decided that might be a little too much for Dave. They are nice people and the dogs are fine. When we got back I put Dave into the compound with the smaller dogs where he stayed until the early afternoon.

Off to Paleochora first to the post office to collect what looks like three items which are waiting for me. The run into town was easy as there is still a westerly wind. It looked as though the post office was open as usual but it turned out that they are on strike today so I’ll need to go back tomorrow. I learned that only banks and the post office (EΛTA) are on strike today.

Petrakis was open as I would expect but Yannis was not there today. His father explained that they were always open.

I bumped into Lau’s friend Tassos by the beach opposite Petrakis. We discussed the problem he’s having with his motorcycle. There is a crack in the engine cover casting. An unusual phenomenon. We then discussed why he got banned from the camping and what led up to Georgia’s decision. I failed to mention that she had since reversed it. When I spoke to Lau, he didn’t seem too worried that Tassos couldn’t come to the camping to see him so I felt it would be better for everyone if things continued as they were. I explained this to Maria and Georgia and she was happy with it. Georgia is a bit prone to knee-jerk decisions which she later reverses.

Back against the wind so no record-breaking workout. I achieved my Exercise goal on the way in and was well on with the Move Circle.

The EG networking saga continued but has now, thankfully, been sorted. I think there are going to be complaints from the museum director who will request an investigation as to why it took so long for things to happen. Taking nearly four working days to fix a relatively simple problem was unbelievable.

I was going to cook some runner beans to have with my raw food tonight but I appear to have not really had the time. They will wait for some exotic creation another day. I bought some broccoli this morning and there’s only so much room on the plate. I must admit that I would never have thought I’d be eating raw vegetables especially cauliflower, broccoli and courgettes. It’s interesting that, once you start to do something different you discover different things. I enjoy eating raw vegetables and have got to know new and different flavours. Certainly there is no risk with over-cooking them and the consequent loss of vitamins and other beneficial elements.




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