Not long now…

Oskar woke me up at 03:00 – not happy about that was I. Oskar is sleeping in the storeroom tonight. He was barking at something. Not persistently but the odd woof. Woke me up, I was annoyed, so didn’t get back to sleep for quite a while. Oskar wants to sleep outside but the barking bit annoys me.

When 06:00 came, I was fast asleep so needed a minute or so to gather my thoughts. Normally, I’m awake before the alarm. It wasn’t cold but rather cloudy. As I ran my four 500m laps I looked at the western sky watching some approaching clouds wondering if I’d get my run finished before the rain came. There was no rain forecast and that proved to be correct.

My trip to Paleochora was equally thrilling with the prospect of imminent rain at any moment. You are safe in the knowledge that I did not get wet. Only by the water spray which someone had set up close to a garden fire to avoid burning down the entire island. Burning down the entire island is frowned upon and carries some penalties.

I bought loads of vegetables from Petrakis with the intention of making a large vegetable stew. I left the vegetables at the eastern end of the decking where I can easily wash and prepare things chucking the remnants to the dogs. A bit like throwing animal bones to the dogs under the tables during a Mediaeval banquet. The vegetables refused to prepare themselves so were in the same position when I came to feed the dogs and to put them to bed. I’d run out of black-eyed beans anyway so the vegetable offering will be delayed until tomorrow.

Following several days of intensive support calls and other matters, it was good to have only a couple of calls today. The day itself was rather cloudy earlier but got better as time went on. There was even enough hot water for me to have a decent shower. I turned the heater on for an hour later as there would not have been enough for the Albanians.

The evening walk was good fun as we went a different route around the Promontory to avoid the young Albanians who come on their little motorbike to go fishing from the rocks. Boris absent-mindedly left his ball half-way up the track yesterday. The Albanians must have discovered it and left it for us at the entrance of the Promontory. How thoughtful!

They charged around as usual, chasing and running. Boris chased his ball but finally abandoned it somewhere and I couldn’t be bothered to go back to look for it.

Oskar is sleeping inside the storeroom and it’s still not cold. I had the van door open and shorts on until a little while ago. It was 17.4C at 19:30. Running this morning I was wearing shorts and a thin fleece. The one I was given by EG when we did the AGM at the former set of Cross Roads Motel. It’s getting a little tired now but we are old friends.

I’m going to eat raw again tonight due to the failure of the vegetable stew. That will be quick to prepare.


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