Poor Mickey

There must be something out there! Having ensured Oskar was sleeping inside I was awoken at 03:20 by Princess raising the roof.  Normally she is pretty quiet: unlike Pea! This time it was Princess and Fido making a racket. There was a little more disturbance later on but nothing serious.

This morning I ran 2km but seemed to get through the Move circle quicker than usual. By the time we were back at the camping, I was half-way around. By the time I got back from Paleochora, I was at about 80% and twice around the Exercise Circle. Might have been something to do with the 60 minute Dave walk around the Promontory partly because I forgot my scarf on a branch which I shed as I ran past the patient Boris. Dave managed quite a long walk this morning despite a bit of a rocky start due to coughing. I need to find a different way to manage his drugs in the morning I suspect.

I was rushing around a bit as I wanted to move the dog cages nearer to the door of the storeroom. Xanthippos announced that should the weather be poor and he couldn’t work elsewhere, he’d come to bring in the umbrellas and sun loungers. I preferred to get the cages out of the way before he started rampaging around. The weekly phone call and breakfast also required my attention by 12:00. All the dogs are now at the door-end of the storeroom and I have left a large void just big enough to stack a load of sun loungers. The space is the storeroom is appallingly organised and, despite the clearout last year, there is still plenty of scope for more chucking. I cannot recall how many times Georgia has told me she’s going to sell the scrap metal.

I had a chat with Georgia at reception after the weekly phone call. She updated me on the Mickey situation. Apparently, Mickey has some infection in the wound or, worse still in the bones of his fractured leg. If it’s the wound, he will have it cleaned and he will continue his recuperation. If it’s the bones, he’ll have to have the operation all over again which will set him back another three or four months. This will also curtail Georgia’s New Year trip to Athens with her fiends.

She also told me of bad news from Bulgaria concerning the wood for the new chalet buildings destined to be delivered at the end of January. It transpires that only half the wood is suitable so the entire consignment could not be delivered until May! No good for this season.

She has contacted a company in Larissa which makes pre-fab wooden buildings but using panel, clad inside and out with wood. Panel is a sandwich of sheet metal and insulating foam. It is expensive and probably a little over the top for these buildings. Panel is more suited to a permanent structure where all-year full-time occupation is desired. If the price is right, she may abandon the first scheme and purchase the pre-fabs.

Otherwise, the wood will be delivered and work will begin at the end of the season. She said she wasn’t going to get into a stress about it since she’s convinced that stress brought on her illness two years ago and she’s decided that life’s too short. This has been my mantra all along.

She sent me an email which I didn’t see until this morning, telling me she was at the camping because she needed to go to her village to pick up more oil and deal with her Raki still. When I looked towards her house, having read the message this morning, her car wasn’t present. She told me that she abandoned staying at the camping due to the fact her house was a slum and it was cold. She found herself shivering by the fireplace so decided to stay at her mother’s instead. Very sensible I felt. Her house is a slum because she leaves the sliding door open so that the dogs can get into the tiled part at night when it’s cold. As you can imagine, with them tramping in and out, it soon turns quite nasty.

She had to go as she was attending a birthday party before going back to Chania to meet with someone, the reason I have forgotten. I have gained another 1.5l of New Oil and have been reminded to take oil from the storeroom whenever I need.

Time had marched on and I needed to get on with my latest creation but had to walk Dave first. I discovered that I’d bought loads more vegetables than I needed so the plan now is to make one creation this evening, see how it comes out, then do another tomorrow, making any necessary adjustments.

We had a quick evening walk as it was extremely cloudy and rain was possible. At the end of the walk, Princess was nowhere in sight so I returned to the camping without her. I was not going to risk a soaking for one and all just because she was AWOL. We got back, I fed them, and then I returned to the beach gate to find a rather pathetic shaggy white dog waiting to be let in. I’m sure that, should she’d tried hard enough, she’d have found a way in. Encouraging that she waited rather than try to breach the fortress walls. The camping is now all closed up including the gates to the road. My idea as it discourages random visitors and keeps dogs out/in. Some of the current residents do not quite understand the concept of the sliding gate as they leave it just slightly open!

My creation has probably finished cooking so I’d better be brave and try to eat it.


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