Absolutely not a lazy Sunday afternoon!

I was awake so got up at 05:45. Didn’t seem much point in putting off the evil moment. I gave Dave his injection and his pill at the same time in the hope that he would be better later when I came to feed him and take him for his walk.

The walk was amazingly warm considering the time of year. Not a star in the sky due to the overcast conditions meaning it got light later too. I ran something like 3km this morning as I wanted to be sure of making progress. I knew I wouldn’t be cycling today. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried.

Dave was up for a nice long walk so we were out for the best part of an hour. I’d completed my exercise goal whilst running so I knew it was only just a case of closing the Move circle. By the end of the walk, I was well on the way.

I put Dave in with the others and felt like doing something practical. The top wire of the south fence has been in the wrong position since it was erected and I’ve been meaning to raise it up. Not a difficult job: Drill a couple of holes through the end posts, snip off the nasty twisted wire loops holding the chain link to the wire and off you go. I have a cunning tool to crimp rings onto the wire and the top of the chain link. I had to go into the Boris run and the SDC to do the work so there was a certain amount of toing-and-froing. I got that done and then thought about all the untidy cables on the storeroom roof. Especially the cables that serve Janne and Erica’s Internet connection and CCTV camera. I decided that these needed putting in some spiral tubing I had Antonis get for me. Putting the two cables in was harder than I anticipated even though I cut off the plugs. Lots of wrestling later I got it done. Then I thought about the carob tree which has grown over the storeroom roof. The aim of the tube is to protect the cable. The tree has got out of hand so I decided to perform a little surgery. I did mention this to Georgia back in 2014 but surprisingly nothing has ever happened. I sawed off the branches which stretched over the roof and threw them to the ground. I had to be careful as Xanthippos would be in later so needed to get everything tidied away in case he poked his nose through the fence. I dragged the mutilated branches into the SDC then heaved them into the field for disposal out of sight. Xanthippos is a sneak and loves phoning Georgia of anything going on.

Having done this lot I was knackered and needed a shower. It had been quite sunny so I reckoned there’d be plenty of hot water. Alas, there was not so I put on the water heater and had a long, hot shower when I got back from the evening walk.

There was a sudden short shower. Just enough to make everything wet and reduce the temperature. How annoying. The evening walk went well and we got back as it was getting dark. Fortunately, it’s not long now to the Winter Solstice on Thursday 21 December at 16:28 (UTC) and we can relax in the knowledge that December 22 will be one whole second longer!

The mild weather which we have been experiencing is due to change fairly soon with the wind coming from the north. Winter will again be upon us and I may need to go back to long trousers.

I have tinkered with yesterday’s creation which is reheating on the hob. I’ve added a little more spice as well as some herbs, pepper and olive oil. It was perfectly edible yesterday if only a little unexciting. Tomorrow I will put the remainder in the freezer and get another creation on the go to use up the other vegetables.


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