Winter is back again

The night got progressively cooler so it was 13.7C when I ventured out. Warm by UK standards of course. I was still wearing shorts and took only a light windproof. There had been a little rain in the night so it was damp underfoot. I gave Dave his morning tablet and jab then got the others ready to go out.

There were even a few stars and quite a few clouds as well although it was clearer to the east where the first glimmers of the rising sun were visible. I decided the rocks might be a little dangerous as the sea was quite angry due to the fairly strong wind. I threw Boris’ ball until he started to flag whereupon we repaired to the running start point.

I ran the usual 2km and we went back. Dave did well later and was out for an hour. He declined a further walk in the afternoon but was out with the other dogs for most of the morning.

I went to Paleochora to pick up some saline for Dave’s drip, nicely avoiding the rain showers. It wasn’t long after my return when it came down quite heavily for a while. There were showers on-and-off giving a rain total for the day of 1.8mm. Hardly a monsoon but it has lowered the temperature considerably. From the high of 20.6C, it fell sharply to 14.6C where it is now.

Georgia’s dogs are giving their all and even Boris was woofing a little in the early hours. Unlike him to woof in the night as I’m sure he doesn’t hear as well as he used to and he’s usually asleep. Something encouraged him to get out of his bed.

I think the dogs which elected to go in the storeroom tonight might have made a good choice.

I’ve got the heating on and Obi is looking quite relaxed.



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