Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!

It’s all downhill from here! Tomorrow will be lighter by 1 second!

It has been overcast for pretty much all of the day with the occasional threat of rain. Following the morning walks. I put a load of washing in the machine. Only the two towels I hung up in the bathroom are not dry.

I cycled to Paleochora and forgot to end the cycle ‘workout’ on my watch. I found I had left it running only when leaving the store. I’d been there a while as I bumped into Martin, an English guy, who lives in Azogires. He has a place there and it was he and his brother and his two dogs, who visited the camping a while back. Martin is a friend of Sacha, the German guy who has a caravan at Grammeno. His daughter helps walk the dogs. We exchange Christmas thoughts and went our separate ways. Martin’s brother went back to UK a couple of days ago but he tells me that Sasha will be coming to Grammeno for the New Year.

I had a good run back to the camping with the wind helping. I deleted my outward cycle as the data was wrong. At least the rain held off.

I don’t seem to have stopped all day. There have been a few IT support calls and the problem at BCM (Bucks County Museum) has raised it’s ugly head again. It would appear that the work carried out a week ago was not completed correctly as, although the servers are now accessible, the remote workers cannot connect to the server and two computers at the BCM are inaccessible and offline. Speaking with Terry earlier, he is considering terminating the relationship with BCM which would be extremely embarrassing to the museum.

Other than my washing I’ve done quite a few chores today and have prepared my latest creation, now sitting on the hob thinking to itself whilst water heats up for pasta. I’ve not had pasta for a long while. Certainly, the weather is not very suitable for cold food.

Eva, the summertime cook, came to the camping to borrow a microwave. There are a number of microwaves in the kitchen. I was told I had a key to the kitchen but found it didn’t appear to work when I tried it. We eventually got into the kitchen and she took a microwave. She has her own small restaurant where she has a few parties booked for the festive season. With no microwave, she was a bit stuck!

I put the water heater on good and early as it has been cold and cloudy all day. I was looking forward to a lovely, hot shower. When it came to it, after the evening walk and tea/bath/bed for the doggies, the water was only warm. Considering the heater had been on for a good 90 minutes, the water should have been very hot.

I decided to investigate. The showers in the men’s bathrooms were dry so the water had not been used there. Only I had a shower. When I went to the central kitchen I discovered a tap left on full explaining why all the hot water had been wasted. I have suggested to Georgia that the hot supply to the kitchen be turned off. Anyone of our ‘guests’ who complains the water was only warm will get no sympathy.

My alarm tells me the pasta is cooked.



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