A sunny but not too warm day

It was a cold night, with a little rain: the temperature dropped to 8.1C just before six. I was still wearing shorts although I had a good few layers on my top half. I don’t get cold on my legs during the day as I tend to spend a lot of time walking around. My top half suffers the most, especially my neck and shoulders when there is a chilly wind. I’m never without a scarf at this time of the year but still, that wind manages to get to me.

We walked and ran. I ran a bit further today as I knew I wouldn’t be riding my bike. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried too much as I spent much of the afternoon moving around on the camping.

The morning was sunny so I was able to recline in my lounger to enjoy the sun. The dogs were also out despite the cutting wind. So long as you’re in the sun, it’s warm but out of the sun, it’s decidedly chilly. I festered during the morning but sprang into life during the afternoon. I went up onto the storeroom roof and attached one of the new WiFi access points to the southwest corner. This should cover the upper part of the static vans and the centre of the camping where there are two small cabins. I then took Dave out but managed to mount and connect the other access point on the northwest corner of the restaurant. This should cover the lower static van, the four small cabins and the bar. The signal will also spill out onto the beach. With the three access points so far installed, about half of the camping is adequately covered. It’s certainly going to be a lot better than before but only time will tell when all the punters are here in the summer. At peak times, there can be 350 customers. Not all have mobile wireless devices but them some have more than one. I have five: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, watch and weather station. I don’t use all of these devices at once but then they are periodically updating and the weather station runs 24/7.

Xanthippos arrived and busied himself taking down the green netting which helps to keep the wind off the customers’ tents in the summer. It is ONLY December so it hasn’t taken long. They were neatly folded and put into the workshop. He then went off to cut wood with a chainsaw before walking Georgia’s dogs. He came to me as Peter, the Austrian guy with the motorhome, arrived with someone who was looking for a venue to hold courses during the winter. I showed him the camping and he seemed interested. He will have to talk with Georgia about prices etc.

In the afternoon, between access points, Peter arrived with another couple who have family living elsewhere on Crete. They are also thinking of bringing a van to be here all year around.

As I was working at the bar, I could hear the dogs getting noisy. I guessed Xanthippos was looking for me as he’d reappeared to feed Georgia’s dogs. He wanted the ladder I was using at the bar. I let him take it as I’d done most of what I needed to do and could use a wooden bench for the last bits. He carried it back to the storeroom too!

I finished off and commissioned the Bar access point and then took the dogs for their evening walk. There was a magnificent orange sunset and no one around. They had fun racing around but I was keen to get back as, once the sun had set, it got quite cold.

Looking over towards the mountains, I could see that there is considerably more snow than a few days ago. I don’t know how cold it is up there but the snow is a clue.

Maria and Georgia arrived just as I went out with the dogs. Later I received an email informing me that we shall be joining Mrs Martha (Georgia’s mother) for luncheon tomorrow at 14:00. When Martha says 14:00, she means 14:00 – no scope for messing about!

Marion and Dieter sent a picture of Minnie with her brother Malloy (AKA Benny). Apparently, Minnie is settling down well and enjoying all the exercise she gets with her brother.

Snow on the mountains
Malloy (AKA Benny) as a puppy
Minnie and Malloy at their home in Germany – Christmas 2017


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