Beautiful day!

I woke to the sound of Oskar and Princess barking. Not sure why, probably some creature lurking the other side of the fence.

I decided to get out of bed at 05:45 and make a start, so we were out good and early and it was that little bit darker. It was still a little breezy but not too cold. I ran 3km as I knew I wouldn’t be cycling and I wasn’t sure how the remainder of the day would work out.

Dave went on a long walk around the Promontory and then spent the morning in the SDC. I chatted with Maria and then had a shower. We left for Martha’s at 14:15 having played hunt the car keys!

Martha had prepared me a special, animal-free dish of selino (Greek celery). The main dish is rice with animal and celery. I just ate the rice and celery. One could be excused for thinking rice and celery is boring but in reality, it’s all down to the way it’s prepared.

After lunch, I got involved in a game of Monopoly with Yannis, Stella and Georgia. I came second! Monopoly no longer has money only debit cards!

The day was warm and sunny with a high of 21.2C. I put on my shorts to take the dogs for their evening walk. The Promontory was bathed in the light from the setting sun with 1/3 moon overhead. There was hardly a breath of wind, about 1/3 of the moon and lots of stars. I was in no hurry to come back.

I’m not sure I’m going to stay awake for much longer.


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