Lie-in today

Aberration due to change of routine I suppose. I forgot to charge my watch and had accidentally touched the mute button so no alarms were sounding. Still loafing in bed at 06:20 as a result. I got up and hurriedly put my watch on the charger. There was enough to do the walk, Dave walk and cycle to Paleochora and back. The morning walk was a little shorter than usual. We had a dash over the rocks before some running and then back to the camping. Starting the walk late put the whole schedule out but it didn’t matter too much as it’s a holiday.

I went to Paleochora and bought a cheese pie for Maria and a spinach pie for me. I also paid the 1€ shop a brief visit as well at Petrakis. Yannis was speeding towards the shop on his motorbike as I left to cycle back.

Peter, the Austrian guy who has been to the camping several times, phoned as I was setting off on my bike. He wanted to talk to Georgia about bringing his motorhome to the camping and staying for one year. She had quoted him for ten months but he wishes to stay for July and August so was told he’d need to pay the full summer rate for a motorhome and two people. The camping is getting a little full so it’s fine during the winter but a problem during the summer. Considering the amount of space I occupy and what I now pay, I get an extremely good deal! And no more rubbish dumped outside my gate!

The answer is to acquire the adjacent waste land to put long-stay people in there. Sadly, progress in that area is glacially slow.

I seem to have spent a lot of time doing not a lot: chatting with Maria, getting my instructions for looking after Mickey and showing Georgia the new WiFi access points. I let Michalis and Xanthippos get involved in winterising the vending machines.

Georgia tells me there will be work in the central kitchen. The gas, at long last, will be moved outside, as per my recommendations two years ago. Hopefully, the gas hobs, now in the static vans, will find their way to the central kitchen and the horrid folding stoves will disappear. I have been charged with the task of breaking the news to Sasha that the two statics will be moving up to where he is. I will suggest to him that this might be the opportunity he needs to move his van to a better place. His present location is pretty horrid.

The bottom line is that the camping is getting too small for the number of vans and statics.

I took Dave and Mickey out for their first walk. They are fine together anyway as Mickey is normally allowed to wander free and Dave is outside the compound in the storeroom. Mickey just needs to learn about walking on the lead. We’ll work on that these next few days.

The evening walk was pleasantly warm with even a little time to sit on the rocks at the end of the promontory.

Looking east towards Paleochora where a rainbow is disappearing into the sea. I bet it’s wet in the mountains!

I fed and put to bed the smaller dogs, then Dave followed by a shower. Next was Mickey to feed and medicate. Apparently, Mickey has been difficult about taking his meds but I had no problems. I shut him in the bathroom to prevent Five from polishing off his food. Georgia tells me she feels Five and one of the larger dogs are too fat. Five is too fat but that is because she is left with a huge bucket of food. I explained to Maria that I put the food down for five minutes after which the bowls are taken up. Anything remaining comes around the next meal.

I have only to take Mickey and Five for a little walk around the camping at 22:00 and I can have the rest of the day off. Tonight that won’t be a problem, however, there is rain forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Yippee!


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