Got wet!

It rained around 03:00 just enough to wake me up. I managed to get back to sleep but was up early anyway.

We had a lovely walk as did Dave, Five and Mickey later. At least the morning walks were dry.

The day progressively got more cloudy and wet. It was fine when I was talking to Sascha, who arrived early this morning. I took Mickey outside in the sun but that didn’t last long.

I didn’t ride my bike today as I guessed I’d get enough exercise with the various walks.

Xanthippos appeared and said he’d walk Georgia’s dogs whilst it was dry. A very good idea.

I went out with Dave, Five and Mickey around 14:30 under ominous skies. The walk was going well until the wind got up followed by heavy rain. Dave has two speeds: dead slow and stop. Hurrying is out of the question.

We got very wet so now I have a pile of soggy clothes on the decking. It would appear that Mickey is not a fan of rain, especially heavy rain.

I dried them off and put them in their houses expecting not to be able to go on the evening walk. The sky miraculously cleared and we went out for a brisk circuit of the Promontory, all except Luis, who ducked out preferring to remain in the dry. He was of a different opinion when we got back.

I quickly fed them and put them to bed, then did Dave followed by Mickey and Five. A wonderfully warm shower, thanks to remembering to turn the heater on, then back to the van for some grub.

Janne and Erica have arrived but I only spoke to them very briefly.

My food is now cooked so that’s the next operation.


More rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow.


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