No more rain?

Boris spent the night in the storeroom as there was early thunder and lightning. Naturally, as soon as I put him in, there was no more thunder.

I was awake and fiddling with Inter Sport’s backups at 05:30. I plan to change their servers over on Sunday/Monday as otherwise they are open 7/7 and there is little opportunity¬†for such a complex job.

It stayed dry until the last circuit of my morning run. I’d hoped to go a little further but then it started to rain so I called it a day. As it turned out, the rain stopped soon after but then I’m no clairvoyant. The dogs had been racing around after me, so well exercised. Except for Obi who sloped off somewhere or other.

It was the turn of Dave and Mickey next, however, we were not so lucky as it started to rain around the mid-point of the walk. The three of us sheltered in a cave adjacent to the sea. The wind whistled in but at least we were dry. Mickey amused himself digging in the sand.

I decided to go to Paleochora despite the constant threat of showers and the wet roads. I couldn’t be sure they would be open on Sunday so decided to risk it. I took a leisurely ride there and back. Yannis decided I¬†needed yet another calendar, this time with a cookbook in Greek! I bought enough fruit for breakfast until Tuesday and I have loads of ready meals in the freezer: assuming the Albanians don’t purloin them. I hardly feel they would be interested in my vegetable creations since they appear all to be dyed-in-the-wool carnivores.

Breakfast was fitted in just before my weekly ET.

I was interrupted by Xanthippos regarding some missing furniture from around Manolis’ caravan and a missing airer. The airer, I could account for as I removed it when I took down all the sheets and towels hung there by Olivia. I was unsure if the airer belonged to them or to the camping. Olivia appeared asking about the missing washing so I reunited her with the laundry and Manolis with his airer. We celebrated with a little raki.

Dave and Mickey went on another circuit of the Promontory, this time without rain. I was about to take the others when it poured down a couple more times. I studied the clouds and decided on a high-speed circuit like yesterday’s.

I can report that they are all dry and in bed. The next part of the operation is to feed and medicate Dave before a shower. After the shower Mickey and Five will get a quick once around the camping and that’s me done for the day as far as dogs are concerned. I will put some time into the Inter Sport project this evening so as to move things along.

At least tomorrow and Monday should be dry. Tuesday and Wednesday are forecast to be less so.


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