Voting with his feet

I was fast asleep when my alarm rudely woke me at 06:00. I went to bed around 01:00 having failed to get the Inter Sport mail server to work reliably.

It was chilly outside as the under awning thermometer registered only 6C with an actual temperature of 5.3C. Very cold for these parts! Boris now has more bedding in his house and is hopefully less enthusiastic about shoving it out the door. I will give him a higher threshold to keep it in his house. In any event, the house is well insulated.

We ran and walked. All except Obi who has been noticeable by his absence a couple of times recently. A little later, I could hear the sound of Georgia’s dogs barking so surmised that he’d done a U-turn and come back to the camping. He was on the beach outside the sliding gates when I returned with the others and defiantly resisted reacquisition. I finally caught up with him later when Martin, Sascha’s friend from Azogires, appeared in the camping with his two dogs.

Obi, therefore, enjoyed the remainder of the day in the SDC with all the other dogs and had his privileges revoked as well as no breakfast! He has been allowed into the main compound tonight and has voted with his feet deciding to sleep out under the awning rather than to come into the van. So there! Bum! See if I care!

After the Dave/Mickey/Πεντέ walk, I got on with the Inter Sport server upgrade following a spot of breakfast. The upgrade didn’t progress as I’d hoped so I decided to abandon it for another time.

I spent time chatting with Martin and Sascha in the company of Mickey and Πεντέ, who were released from their room for a change of scenary.

The day was quite warm and sunny for most of the time, so we sat on some of Martin’s restored chairs enjoying the warmth. Xanthippos took out Georgia’s dogs then I took Πεντέ and Mickey as Dave declined the second walk. He was out in the run with the others most of the day so needed a kip.

I met the Austrian sculptor, who recently moved from Grammeno to Anydri with his wife and crazy dog. He was telling me that he goes swimming every day as he finds it invigorating as well as good for the complexion and circulation. I’m certain he has a point but feel unmotivated to give it a try. He tells me he is almost vegan but enjoys fish very occasionally. We are both in agreement regarding the extremely deleterious nature of dairy and other animal products. We parted, I took the two dogs back and we went for his swim!

Martin left with a couple of novels which I leant him. I then took the other dogs which I fed etc before a shower and a quick wee walk for the other two.

I now have the remainder of the evening off!


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