Déjà Vue!

It rained in the night so everything underfoot was wet this morning. Fortunately, the dogs were not as the Antonis dog houses seem to be working as expected. Indeed a waft of warm air accompanies the emerging dog.

The sky was very cloudy so I was under no delusion that things might go smoothly. The second lap of my run was accompanied by light rain which increased as I reached the finish point. I decided to gather the dogs and shelter from the rain before returning to the camping.

The Italian families which arrived last night were still in their vans as we passed and remained so even when I returned with Dave, Mickey and Five an hour or so later. Things were a little delayed today due to showers.

I didn’t cycle anywhere and had a shortened run so needed to make up for it somewhere along the line. After more heavy showers in the morning, the sun finally appeared so I was able to take the Trio on their second walk without drowning. Mickey and Five were out all afternoon once we returned to the camping. Dave retired to his boudoir for a well-earned snooze.

We had encountered a length of timber floating in the sea. I removed it and set it aside to collect later. Having dropped the dogs at the camping, I returned to recover it. Lugging it back helped to make up for the limited run and no cycling.

I bought some fresh beetroot yesterday but had not made the time to prepare it so cleaned and boiled it up to eat tonight. It needs peeling which I am looking forward to. I have bought prepared packs before but there were none only fresh. I understand the stalks and leaves are very nice too. I have yet to get to grips with that.

The EG IT problem which began early in December still drags on. I recently called the same support technician as I did around three weeks ago and had the same conversation as I did then. I do not anticipate a different result. As I often remind myself: doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome is the road to insanity. I should be safe enough! Apparently, Albert Einstein was attributed to having said that or something very similar.

The Italian families eventually emerged, paid, showered and left to continue their tour of the island. They had spoken about staying more than one night but I’m not sure how that would have worked with their itinerary.

The evening walk was rapid as I didn’t want a collection of soggy doggies on my hands. As it turned out, the massing clouds passed us by to deliver their load elsewhere.

I’d better check out that beetroot I suppose…

Not forgetting a quick spin around the camping for Mickey and Πεντέ




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