It got quite windy mostly from the southwest

I knew it was coming so wasn’t surprised. The wind freshened through the day but the sun made it warm. We cannot complain about cold weather just windy and wet. We could have cold and dry I suppose…

I managed my four laps this morning but then it started to rain. I managed to get them back and to feed them before it came down with greater enthusiasm. There was a certain amount of excitement when the dogs spotted a sheep in our ‘garden’ followed by one in the camping. The sheep wandered around and finally, after a protracted dance, I persuaded it that the field would be a better place and not to eat Georgia’s nice plants.

Needless to say, the Dave/Mickey/Πεντέ walk was postponed until the rain finished. They didn’t get to go out until later and then it was a quick sprint round to the east beach for Mickey and Πεντέ which Dave sat out. There is very little manoeuvring room when Dave is involved due to his limited progress. He was happy to stay in his bed anyway.

I shoved them back into the room before then next downpour began.

The Bucks County Museum farce continues: after the usual empty assurances yesterday evening, nothing much appears to have changed today. We are coming up to a month since this farce first began! The plan is to relocate the EG server to a place where we have total control as this is utterly ridiculous!

More work is coming up with Inter Sport’s new store opening in Haywards-Heath in February. The new EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system has been cancelled due to the supplier being unable to provide a properly working product. Richard G has been dragged out of retirement to cobble together something for the time being. A new network to manage, more workstations, more VPNs and more servers. Inter Sport has now moved the Print Room for logos and printed garments back over to above Cook and some admin staff are set to follow. I can’t keep up! And still my new server doesn’t work as I wish!

I have another creation on the stove. It started as soup but appears to have morphed into something else. I shall try to eat some of it before committing myself further.

The electrician came to install a new cable for the solar water heater on the reception building. It is leaking anyway so may need replacement. If I can heat water electrically, it will stop everyone from that building descending on the main bathroom for a shower. It means a bit more walking for me to turn the power on and off. The electrician cleaned up after himself beautifully. Not!

The wind has now calmed having examined the forecast no doubt. We can enjoy a restful night and content ourselves with the patter of rain on the roof.

Time to check-out the creation…


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