Wonderful day

In contrast to the previous day, there was little wind this morning. Plenty of stars studded the sky as we walked across the beach towards the Promontory. The walk was unexceptional other than we were able to walk along the rocks and I was able to run my four laps without getting wet.

Πεντέ and Mickey were pleased to see me when I went to take them out with Dave this morning. I thought perhaps yesterday might have been the last time as Georgia had said she’d come straight to the camping from the airport. Apparently, she arrived mid-afternoon and went to look for Mickey to find the room empty and no sign of him. She worked out that we’d gone for a walk. Later, when she returned, she found him tied to the umbrella on the concrete by the BBQ so then the reunion took place. I’ll take the two of them with Dave tomorrow morning as I don’t expect Georgia will be up to take them out at 08:00.

The day has been sunny and warm so I have enjoyed being out under the awning in the sun.

The Bucks County Museum saga still drags on. Yet another week with the EG server disconnected from the world with no one able to access their EG email accounts. I have no idea how much longer it will take for the IT support company to fix the problem. It all seems very unprofessional to me.

A few other small IT support queries but otherwise a fairly light day.

I went to Paleochora this morning, the last couple of mornings have been too wet for trips out by bike. I decided my previous day’s concoction was edible so will reveal the ingredients. I’d planned to make soup with potatoes, courgettes and onions but then I remembered the beetroot leaves and stalks from the previous day so washed and bunged them in. The soup was a bit chunky so became the main meal with some brown rice. I seem to eat a lot of brown rice. The beetroot leaves and stalks are to be recommended although the colour stains the loo! If you were concerned about the possibility of colon cancer you’d probably have a heart-attack finding the pan bright red! Beetroot is red, of that, there is little doubt.

Today I bought leeks and discovered some carrots and a little broccoli: I steamed that up to add to the pot. It has pondered on a low heat for a while and now some rice is cooking. The latest creation will be slightly different as I have also added some garlic granules I couldn’t find yesterday.

I encountered Georgia driving from her house to the reception (!) to attend to some of the Albanians. I gave a short report of Mickey’s well-being and the electrician visit yesterday. Georgia was laying down the law about waste of hot water in the showers by washing clothes. I’ve been banging on about this for years but I feel the Albanians are inherently selfish so will continue to do whatever they want to the detriment of all. Hopefully, it will be possible to drum up other winter clients who are more civilised. That said, the Albanians are not too demanding so long as they are properly managed and you don’t leave anything for them to steal.

My rice is ready and so am I!


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