Another beautiful day

I managed to get out of bed before the alarm having fallen into bed somewhere around 21:45. Putting Oskar in the storeroom helped to avoid certain barking in the night. He only barks a little and I can get back to sleep quickly but it’s nicer not to have to be woken up.

Plenty of moon this morning but I was a little late for the stars. We walked the rocks and sat up on the high bits. I ran and we went back to the camping. I took Mickey and Five with Dave and we walked much the same route in the warm morning sun. Even though it was a Public Holiday I decided to go to Paleochora just because it is there. I rode down both sides of the peninsula and went back to Grammeno.

Georgia was floating about collecting oil containers to get them filled up for the summer. She had Manolis’ truck which confused me somewhat.

Some breakfast before the weekly ET and then out with Dave for a wander on the beach and a chat with Erica who was enjoying the sun and the sea.

The afternoon passed quickly and soon it was time to take out the others. Mickey was still tied to the umbrella so I was wondering whether Georgia was going to take charge of him. She took him off to the office at one point I think. He was still there when we came back so I put him in before feeding my lot.

Georgia tells me she needs to return to Chania for a doctor’s appointment for her leg but says she’ll be back at Grammeno in a couple of days. I’m just wondering if she will remember to take Mickey with her, seeing as Maria is visiting family and friends in Athens for a few weeks. Mickey finishes his antibiotic course tomorrow which is one less thing to have to worry about.

Sascha goes back to Berlin tomorrow and Janne and Erica return to Stockholm on Monday. I don’t know how much longer Manolis and Elisa are staying or they may even have gone already. Xanthippos appeared this morning hoping to scrounge some coffee from Manolis only to be told that I’d passed them on the way to Paleochora. He went to a café in the end.

Raw vegetables on the menu this evening as I’ve eaten cooked for a couple of days. I froze three lots of yesterday’s creation this morning and put one in the fridge for tomorrow.

Obi keeps dreaming as he writhes around on the seat next to me.

I need to get some food and finish off the Morse I slept through yesterday.


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