Mr Angry of Crete!

For the third time, I have not managed to get to the end of Morse. I started half-way through from where I left off last night but have still to join all the pieces together.

Not many stars but plenty of clouds this morning. I was not planning to cycle so did a couple of extra circuits on my run. Despite some dark clouds, it didn’t rain and we got back without incident. Dave, Mickey and Five had a lovely walk in the sunshine whilst I enjoyed the sounds of the seabirds all around.

Lots of activity next door as Janne and Erica packed up to leave. They decided to spend the night in Chania as it’s only 30€ for a room and breakfast. No scrambling around in the dark to pack up and no rushing to the airport in the morning. They left around 16:00 as did Georgia.

I got it a bit wrong yesterday as she was referring to the fact that Mickey had to see the vet tomorrow and she is going to see a therapist about her leg and back problem. I think she was trying to help me out by using the word doctor and not vet when I know the word for a vet for obvious reasons.

Dave went on his afternoon walk alone as Five and Mickey were with Georgia. She tells me that her intention is to come out with me in the afternoons so that she can walk Mickey. Xanthippos fell about laughing when she said that. He kept repeating ‘tha’ which is the future form ‘will’ saying it will never happen. I just smiled to myself and to Georgia. Incidentally, the Greek for ‘and pigs might fly!’ is ‘πετάει ο γάιδαρος’ which is about donkeys flying and not pigs.

Sascha had left when I went up to his van this morning. He probably decided to get some breakfast before his flight so left in good time. He had a bot of a cold so was a little under the weather yesterday.

The temperature passed 30C under the awning today and over 20C outside this afternoon. A beautiful sunny day with a wonderful clear sky. I’d been wondering about my rain readings for a while and had been meaning to look in the automatic rain gauge. Today I did, to find it full of water with pigeon shit blocking the end of the funnel where it drops into the rain buckets. Why did I not do this a couple of weeks ago? I’ll steal the reading from the nearest station so as to keep things straight. What a plonker! I hope the pigeon gets constipation!

I was putting the dogs away this evening when Mario, one of the Albanians, came to ask me about blankets. He’s asked me about this before and I told him to see me during the day. Georgia has been here for three days and he didn’t see her about it. He wanted me to drop everything to give him blankets saying Georgia had agreed to it. I told him that I knew nothing, was busy and that he should have seen her or give her a call to confirm. I then phoned Maria to let her know my displeasure. Mario also got the message that I was displeased. I might not be that good at speaking Greek but I know how to be Mr Angry!

Will I see the end of Morse this evening?

I have two brown dogs in my van this evening, Five and Obi. She is at a bit of a loss now that Mickey has gone to Chania and was barking around the camping. I decided to take her in with me. She seems happy enough.


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