We got fed up waiting

Up in the night tending to Princess who apparently required the bathroom. Uncharacteristic for her. Only ever one accident and that was at the beginning before she was used to the routine. She politely rattled the door of her house so it took me a while to fathom out which dog required attention. Standing out in the cold impeded my ability to get straight back to sleep which was a little annoying.

It was cloudy to begin with but extremely warm so I ran in only one top rather than the usual two.

I changed the tyres on my bike for the new ones ordered on eBay from a UK company. The rear tyre was particularly wide and quite unnecessary for the road. The new tyres have a kevlar layer woven into the fabric to resist punctures. In a rural area there are always loads of thorns and prickles. I went to the chemist to pick up stuff for Dave and then to Petrakis for some vegetables. Yannis showed videos of his fish swimming around his new aquarium. Very large it was too.

Speaking to Terry, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer for the BCM IT support company to get their act together. I have spent most of the day transferring the Embroiderers’ Guild email services to the Microsoft servers. Not a terribly simple business due to the number of accounts and additional email addresses. It is now done and mail seems to be flowing as expected. I should imagine there is a lot of mail waiting as this problem began in December.

The IT company say they have identified a damaged network switch which is preventing the VLANS from working. A replacement should be with them in a couple of days. How long it will take them to get it together is another matter and we have all lost the will to live. They declared this switch faulty last week but it has taken all this time to actually do something about it. One might expect an organisation of their supposed importance to perhaps have the odd spare switch in stock. Apparently not. It doesn’t really matter so much now as the server will no longer be hosting the mail. So there!

My next excitement is to get the punters to remove the mail from the old server and to keep it as an archive. That should be terribly amusing!

The day improved as it went getting quite sunny at one point. I was a little late putting on the electricity for the showers so the Albanians might have had cold water. I put it on for myself later.

I’ve got the same additional dog as last night. She is sleeping quietly on the door mat. I have put down a rug on the floor in front of the heater outlet but she seems too shy to venture that far. It’s cooler this evening so it must be chilly by the door as it fits where it touches.

I need some food as it’s nearly 22:00. Raw food tonight.


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