Busy but sunny

So what did I do today?

I ran 3km and walked the dogs
I walked Dave around the Promontory
I pruned some branches from the trees where my network cable runs to the kitchens (Shh, don’t tell Georgia)
I disposed of the branches from the above
I put loads of (my) washing in the machine
I cycled to Paleochora and back visiting the chemist for hypodermics for Dave and Petrakis for beetroot
I did lots of support work setting up email boxes and accounts.
I spent a lot of time on the telephone
I eventually hung up the washing
I sent loads of emails with account setup details and passwords
I took down the items of washing which were dry
I gave a bucket to Tina the (former) cleaner as her mother is taking the Mickey/Πένδε/Maria room
I remembered to turn on the water heater for the showers
I took the dogs for their evening walk
I closed all of my Activity Circles
I resisted the temptation to spiflicate Princess for running off – because she came back of her own accord
I went for a shower in the Executive Sweet
I did more emails and answered more support calls
I got bored with working and decided I’d better have something to eat
I may go and try to track down the elusive Five as I expect she will bark the camping down if not
Lau leaves for Holland tomorrow morning as he has a regular doctor’s appointment and other stuff
I need to make my bed – see above re washing
I need to go to bed earlier tonight – now is looking quite appealing but unrealistic

So there you have it…


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