Yes! At last, the EG network is running again!

Up and out at the usual time, it was not cold and the sky was reasonably clear. We went along the rocks but had to dodge the waves at the crossing point as they were still surprisingly strong. Someone nearly got their feet wet but it wasn’t me. I removed loads of garments for my run and was glad to have done so.

An ignored muffled voice has hopefully disappeared. I detected a certain amount of canine unrest from the vicinity of the storeroom. The Albanians have been instructed not to disturb me in the evenings under pain of death. Any hour after dark is outside my contact time.

I took Dave, Charlie and Oskar after the early walk and Πέντε looked as though she might come but was unsure of the younger boys. She’s fine with Dave but shy of the others. She’s dead-to-the-world on the carpet under my bed at present. As I came from feeding Dave, I could see her eyes in the dark and she came rushing up to me. I don’t see why she should be outside all night on her own when the forecast is for heavy rain. You could easily forget she is there as she is totally undemanding.

Fortunately, I cycled to Paleochora this morning. I needed food anyway but I would not have been able to close my exercise circles.

I’ve been busy all day sorting out the EG network. The guy who was there asked if I might be able to come in to help him to sort out the problem. I explained that it might take me a while. Between us, we have got everything going again despite the best efforts of some of the other technicians who had visited previously. In desperate attempts to solve the problem, they physically left EG computers plugged into the BCM network even though they are two, completely different networks! The guy was crawling around following cables in the end. We’re not going to keep anything of importance there anymore since the IT support people seem to be exceedingly incompetent. The guy there today was quite senior, an old git like me!

Still plenty of work to do though as we need to move all the data and email over to different services. Added to that, Inter Sport is gearing up to opening their shop in Haywards-Heath, too many things are happening at once!

I was busy this afternoon so Dave and  Πέντε didn’t get a walk. I understand from Xanthippos that she joined him on his walk. It rained hard at the time of the evening walk and I was still working anyway. The others lost their walk too but gained on some meat which I opened to help Mickey take his meds and stuck in the communal fridge. Even the Albanians didn’t eat it. The dogs had meat tonight, will get some more tomorrow night and then again on Sunday!

The forecast for this evening and tomorrow looks unappealing. I think the rain forecast for tonight has already fallen but the nighttime rain appears to be shifting towards the early morning which I could do without. It’s hard to forecast here anyway as there is so much sea around a comparitively small island.

My food is ready so I’m going to eat it!


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