The forecast was a little pessimistic

The massing clouds during the Dave and Πέντε walk this morning. It was like this for most of the day.

The forecast for today was a little pessimistic although we were forced to shelter in the cave for a little while. We had been watching the waves break over the rocks when I felt drops of rain. I hastened to the cave where we all huddled together whilst the rain fell outside. It was a bit relative as one portal of the cave looks west over the sea, and another south, also over the sea. We were out of the rain but it was a bit like being in a wind tunnel with the crashing of the waves in the background. I popped my head out to see a break in the clouds in the distance so we hung on until it was nearly over before venturing out.

The gap in the clouds looked quite large so I decided to tie Boris up and do some running. I managed 3km as I felt I might not go into Paleochora due to the weather. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried as the remainder of the day was relatively rain-free.

Following my ET I went into the camping to use the loo to find a familiar vehicle parked along the road by the beach. Πέντε was guarding Peter to make sure he wasn’t stealing the flowers. I think he just wanted a chat so I was happy to oblige. Dave needed his afternoon jab and walk so we went our separate ways after a while.

Just as Dave, Πέντε and I were walking towards the car park, I spotted Antonis’ car. He was standing nearby waiting for his AirSoft friends for a session of ‘killing people’ on the Promontory. Whilst talking, Xanthippos walked by with Georgia’s dogs. What with the AirSoft gang firing plastic pellets at each other and Xanthippos, I decided on a walk east along the stony beach. There I bumped into Peter who was enjoying the sea. My watch ended the conversation as it was time for Dave’s afternoon medication which he takes one hour before food.

I asked Antonis to call me once they’d finished their session as it’s a bit of a nightmare taking some of the dogs with AirSoft going on. Loads of camouflaged men with replica weapons are bound to get a good barking. Also, these guys take it pretty seriously so are not keen on their position being given away by a small, fluffy, white dog yapping at your heels! As it turned out, Antonis forgot to call me so we were out quite late. The sky has been overcast and cloudy all day and I was concerned we might get rained on again.

We got around the Promontory and back without being rained on and it is only now that it has come on to rain. The forecast was very pessimistic and inaccurate today.

The rain score for today is 7.9mm so far but there has been a lot of sunshine too. I put the water heater on a little late today and paid with a warm shower this evening. I expect the Albanians used up the hot water washing their clothes.


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