New floor covering

The cave where the dogs and I sheltered from the rain. The portal to the sea is the light bit in the middle. I tried to get a dog into the frame to give scale but it might have been easier to move the cave! It’s not a very large entrance.
The new tiles are down. The grey bit at the back stops the wind from blowing up from under the van. The groundsheet under the tiles is screwed to the decking.
A dog’s eye view

After the rainy night, thunder at 03:00 requiring Boris to be removed to the storeroom, the day turned out sunny but windy. I’d spent loads of time with my head in a computer recently so decided to do something more practical today.

I have put on the skirt which stops the wind from blowing up from under the van. I screwed down the groundsheet which covers the decking under the awning. I have also laid the new tiles I bought from UK. Half the price of the previous batch for more tiles! They might peel a bit like the others but then I’ll just lay them up-side-down.

I didn’t quite finish everything so will complete the job in the morning. It was getting very sandy but now it’s clean and hopefully warmer.

The German lady who lives near Anydri waylaid me as I went out with the dogs this evening. She phoned me a while ago and we discussed her problem at length. I wrote her a detailed email outlining the options and suggesting what she was trying to do would not work. We spoke again and she said she’d do what I’d recommended. She has now gone full-circle and wanted me to configure the equipment she went out and bought at the beginning. I told her that nothing has changed and it’s not the option I recommended. I likened it to someone going to see the doctor and then telling him what treatment they should have. She finally got the message and disappeared. Why don’t people listen? She told me that she’d already tried two Greek IT people who both became elusive. I wonder why?

The star of the photograph went AWOL on the evening walk so is currently patrolling the camping. Probably looking for Πέντε, who is enjoying the warmth of the van having eaten Obi’s supper! That’ll learn him!

My quinoa is ready so I need to eat it


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