All was quiet in the night until around 01:00 when all the dogs started to bark. Obi had been contributing to the unrest as he was left to spend a night outside having gone AWOL on the evening walk. He chose a cold night for his outing and seems very pleased to resume his place on the back seat of the van warming his toes from the hot air wafting up from the heating system.

It was only when we returned from the morning walk did I discover the cause of the racket in the night. Πέντε as barking enthusiastically at something and I had heard the other dogs barking whilst out on the walk. Someone had tied a dog to one of the trees at the top of the camping.

I enquired of Tina’s mother if it was anything to do with her and she replied not. I left him there whilst I fed my lot and walked Dave. Maybe he’d be gone by the time I got back. He was still there. I’d given him a drink and needed to further inspect the thin cord by which he’d been fastened to the tree. It was so tight around his neck that I could not fit one finger between it and his skin. I rummaged around but could find only small collars so eventually decided on the flashing collar which had been given and was too large for most of the dogs. I cut off the thin cord once the collar was on, then tied him using a longer and thicker rope. I took some photos although they are not very good as he kept moving. I phoned Heike at PAWS to ask if she knew of anyone who might take him but said that they have no facility for holding dogs and foster them only if they are waiting to actually go to a home.

Before going off to Paleochora I fed him. My first visit was to Manolis’ garage. I showed him the pictures but he was not sure he was ready for another dog but did not discount the possibility of coming to the camping for a look. My next port of call was Petrakis’ supermarket where I showed the picture to Yannis and gave him a couple to show to any customers who might be interested. I also bought 100kg of dog food as I was down to my last bag.

Back to the camping for a little breakfast and then to move him from under the trees to a sunnier location. He was not keen to follow me but we got there in the end.

I had a lot of work to do today so it was not easy to keep all the balls in the air. I was alone outside under the awning as Obi, who naturally returned for the morning walk, was downgraded to SDC and the prospect of spending another night away from his luxury quarters.

The afternoon brought Xanthippos who showed little interest other than to say that he was a stray and should be let go. He later told me that Georgia had said he should be let go. I was not too keen to just let him go as there is a busy road and sheep grazing next to the camping. I humoured Xanthippos by taking him to the beach and letting him go. Strangely, he followed me there and back but I was able to get back into the camping and close the gate.

Guess which dog appeared when I was walking Dave and guess which dog appeared back in the camping when I returned? I telephoned Maria whilst out with Dave saying that I’d sent an email to Georgia earlier and had she read it.

Maria suggested that Georgia might know someone interested in taking him so I tied him up whilst I fed the others. He is now tied up at the bar where he has a nice view of the sea and can sleep on the wood. It is quite chilly tonight but I suspect he is used to sleeping outside by the state of him.

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