Is it bedtime yet?

It’s 20:00 (8pm in old money) and I’m falling asleep with a comatose Obi next to me. Πέντε is snuggled up on the remains of my old Skipper’s blanket and the others are in their houses on their hay beds.

I feel sorry for Extra-Dog as he is currently camped out in the deserted Ammos Beach Bar under a palm roof on a concrete floor. Fortunately, there is a blind to at least break the wind. I’ve fed him some worming tablets hidden in some meat as well as about 100kg of doggy biscuits. He is quite thin but at least now he’s getting fed twice each day. I have taken to feeding him in the other beach bar on the stony beach to try to encourage him from hanging around the camping entrance. Almost exactly four years ago I was in the same situation when I was followed by four very small puppies as I walked Dave and Boris on the Promontory. I vainly tried to keep them in the stony beach bar and now I’m back in the same situation. Two of those four dogs are Luis and Fido. One was adopted from the beach and the other brought to UK when I came back in April 2014. There was also a little girl I found lurking in the camping.

I spoke to Yannis Petrakis this morning during my visit to the supermarket. He has phoned round and is awaiting a call from a woman who regularly rehomes dogs. His other contacts came up empty. He has my number so said he’d get in touch if there was any news.

The remainder of the day has been very busy as I’ve had a lot of support work to do. And what with dogs, the day has flown by.

Everyone was walked and fed almost to routine and I even managed to fit in opening up storerooms and kitchens for Xanthippos.

Terry announced at a meeting with Bucks County Museum that EG would be moving all their IT out of the museum. Now I need to find ways in which we can do all the things we currently do but in a different way.

I’m tired and hungry so need to get something to eat and maybe even a glass of wine before I slump into a heap!


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