Dave’s final walk on the Promontory


28 September 2003 – 18 January 2018 (14 years)


I have not long returned from burying Dave on the Promontory. I had planned to carry him out there but could see that Dave and a shovel, were going to be hard-going. I opted for the wheelbarrow which was conveniently parked close to the storeroom. Trundling Dave and the shovel in the wheelbarrow over the sandy beach was harder than I’d anticipated, especially in the dark.

I found a suitable location for Dave at the top of a large sand dune. The whole Promontory is quite rocky so I needed to be sure I could dig down deep enough. I felt a bit like a grave robber digging away in the light of my torch. Hopefully, there will be a little rain to cover my tracks and to flatten off the digging area. Dave has a lovely spot on the Promontory where he has walked these last six years.

His departure couldn’t have been better as he simply slipped off to sleep and didn’t wake up. I found him dead when I went back to see how he was. Way to go!

I shall miss him very much as he’s been part of my life for fourteen years.


It’s been very windy today and rain curtailed my morning run. The strong wind would have made cycling to Paleochora easy but coming back would have been a real challenge. The wind was gusting to 70km/h (Bft 8) so I also had to replace some of the rubber loops which secure the awning tent. It’s not that common for a strong wind to come from the west so the sail shade didn’t really play a part.

My other little lodger came in out of the wind and spent the morning in the van with Obi. She is back now, occupying her usual place under my bed at the front of the van.

Extra-Dog is fit and well and was waiting this evening as I came out to feed him. I’m trying to get him to move to the stony beach bar which is further away from the camping however he insists on staying at the Ammos Bar. I feed him on the stony beach anyway.

Dogs live for the moment. I try to do the same. Life is for the living not the dead.

RIP Dave in the place you loved to walk each day




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