Xanthippos and the hedge trimmer

No foreign bodies on the Promontory this morning so an uninterrupted run and walk. I managed six laps although the dogs seemed to be flagging. Boris was cheering everyone on from his position at the start line. Oskar seems to be Boris’ friend and hangs around keeping him company. Princess is not big on running so hangs around with him too. I would never have dreamt that Boris would tolerate all these juveniles without trying to eat them. Maybe he is mellowing…

Back from the walk, they were fed and then Πέντε and I went off to feed Extra-Dog. He was not interested in food having guzzled loads last night. I put the food in the stony beach bar anyway. Πέντε and I continued to the Promontory and we had a speedy walk the whole length, including the rocks. Walking one dog, one as young as her is simplicity itself. We kept a good pace and I collected a couple of large rocks to mark Dave’s grave. Back to the camping and off to Paleochora and the supermarket. I was low on wine so I picked up a bottle of red and also the white which Yannis recommended I try. The previous day I’d taken another brand and mentioned that there was none left of the other wine. He called out to one of the staff members then told me the other wine would be in by lunchtime. He told me to take back the bottle of the other brand and come the following day. This wine is slightly more expensive (3.50€ for 1.5l = 2 x UK bottles of wine) but much nicer as it’s local wine. No chemicals or preservatives etc. At £1.50 a UK bottle, who cares anyway!

An easy run back to the camping for breakfast and my weekly ET.

The afternoon was taken up with a little work followed by a couple of visits from Xanthippos. First, he wanted the hedge trimmer and appropriate cables. Then I had to open the office as he wanted to plug it in there. Later he reappeared asking me to lock the office as the power cord from the trimmer had become detached. I said I could fix the cord hoping he’d leave it with me. I sat and started to dismantle the trimmer whilst Xanthippos regaled me with a long diatribe about cheap Chinese rubbish and the merits of spending more money on German, American or British products. Then he mentioned that the motor had been playing up followed by the smoke which came from within. At this point, I could see that I was wasting my time but fixed it nevertheless. We went to the office to try it and it was useless so he abandoned the hedge project leaving the trimming where they lay.

The evening walk was uneventful and Charlie was reacquired long before the end to prevent overrun. Princess was a good girl and came running back when summoned.

Obi is washing his legs.


Time for some food!


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