Things may be looking up for Extra-Dog

I woke early as it was quite warm. So far, we are having a very mild winter. A certain amount of rain but mild.

The morning walk was fine, dry but somewhat windy. The sea was also rough so we didn’t attempt the rocks. I’m beginning to think it’s a bit much for Boris to do in the dark. He seems to manage alright in the evenings but struggles in the mornings.

I began my run as soon as I could see so we were back at the camping around 07:45. I fed them all and then set off with Πέντε to feed Extra-Dog. He came bounding out with plenty of enthusiasm and appears to have more confidence now that he is free. I fed him, slightly less than yesterday and then we walked back towards Ammos Beach Bar. A large American pickup with Swiss plates turned into the road which leads to Grammeno Beach car park. I wandered off towards the Promontory as the truck turned around in the car park. The driver got out and waved at me so I went to meet him. He asked if I was the guy looking after Extra-Dog. I replied that I’d just fed him and was off for a quick spin around the Promontory with Πέντε. He said that he’d been visiting ED and might consider taking him. Quite a big decision as he’d not had a dog before.

He told me he’d spoken to the Swiss woman I met the other day. She told him about ED and that I was looking after him even though I couldn’t take him in as I already had sufficient dogs. He told me his name was Christophe, he was a retired teacher and he liked to travel all around towing his American-Style caravan with his huge 5.5l American pickup. He travels outside Europe and enjoys going east. He wanted to be sure he’d be able to look after him correctly so we talked quite a bit about dog ownership its responsibilities.

Christophe is currently staying the other side of Paleochora so travelling across each day to see ED. I suggested he takes ED to the vet for a Leishmaniasis test and to have him checked over. We discussed neutering him too. Possibly good news for ED.

The day was warm and sunny with a little wind. I got on with some IT stuff and did a little work on the Adoption website. I have just renewed my Web hosting so have activated which simply takes you to but hopefully easier to remember.

I noticed I had quite a bit of my Move Circle to complete so took Πέντε on a quick spin of the Promontory and went to see ED. That moved it on quite well so the Pack Walk, feeding etc soaked up the remainder and more.

The forecast threatened rain for this evening and, unfortunately, tomorrow morning but I’m hoping it will be all rained out before 06:00, giving us a dry walk.

Xanthippos was handy with a chainsaw earlier and has modified one of the olive trees. He tells me Georgia will be coming to the camping with Mickey tomorrow so I expect this will be the last night Πέντε will be with us. She will be glad not to be alone in her ramshackle kennel tonight.

The thunder rumbles in the distance and the rain patters on the van roof.

2.5mm have fallen so far of the predicted 7.2mm

I notice it is -10C in Stockholm. I know where I’d rather be.


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