A new home for Extra-Dog

I’d arranged to meet Christophe in the Grammeno Beach car park at 08:30 but I was a little early so went with Πέντε for a little wander. 08:30 came and went so I decided to feed Extra-Dog as I needed to go shopping in Paleochora. It’s likely to be very windy for the next two days so I needed to get in some fruit in case it’s too windy to ride in.

I’d not long returned from Petrakis following a gentle ride there and back when all the dogs started to bark. Christophe was at the gate so I let him in and we chatted. He said he arrived at 08:45 as, unlike the Swiss Railway, which runs on time, he does not. He informed me that he’d decided that today was the day to take Extra-Dog and that he’d been with him for over an hour. He’d tried to coax him into the car without success and wanted to take him today as he was aware the next couple of days would be windy.

We both went back to his car. I sat in the passenger seat with it fully back and gave biscuits to ED moving them further and further into the car. There finally came a point where ED had to climb into the passenger footwell in order to comfortably get to the biscuits. I then slipped a lead onto ED giving it to Christophe who was in the driving seat. Next, I slowly removed myself from the car as Christophe distracted ED. I gently closed the door and we were done!

Christophe drove slowly away as I watched them disappear into the distance.

The highlight of the day for me at least. Back to the camping after I’d collected the bowls from the other beach bar, to get some breakfast as time had already beaten me once again.

There were a few support calls but the remainder of the day was quite relaxing. I prepared some beetroot as my addiction continues.

It was fairly sunny and only occasionally windy so very pleasant under the awning tent. My cycle ride to Paleochora had put me well ahead on the circle-closing front so Πέντε didn’t get much of a walk today.

I heated the shower water from 13:00-15:00 as the Albanians had requested so anyone going for a shower this evening is out of luck if they want it to be hot. I had mine at 14:00 which means I can come straight in once all the dogs are fed and put to bed. Not having ED to feed means not having to go to the stony beach bar.

Xanthippos appeared to let me know that he’d just come back from the dentist in Chania. Apparently, he’d had three teeth extracted so his face was still numb from the anaesthetic. He gave me a graphic description of the entire operation. He also mentioned that Georgia will be arriving tomorrow. Or was that yesterday or today? I’ll wait until I see the whites of her eyes.

The natives are restless this evening as all the dogs have just made a racket. The Albanians can be a bit noisy as they prepare their evening meal.


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