Still cold and windy

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the wind strength is increasing. Last night was, fortunately, a lot less windy than forecast. Today likewise although with the wind and the cold it has been a pretty chilly day. I didn’t need much encouragement to come back from the evening walk.

It was relatively calm this morning so I ran with multiple layers. The dogs spent most of the day huddled in their houses except when the sun was out.

I went to the post office this morning to pick up my new cycle computer. I want to know how fast I’m going so that I can keep up the pace. It’s a little easy to drift off into a world of my own as I ride along, listening to music. The entire journey to the post office and back took 32 minutes. Another non-record-breaking event.

Some more support for Inter Sport as we prepare the new server. The Generation 10 Microserver is nothing like the Gen 8 (there was no Gen). The Gen 8 allowed me to install the entire server remotely once I got the IP address of the iLo remote facility. The new version requires itself to be set up by someone physically there. A bit of a pain. Windows is now installed and I have remote access software, so it’s irrelevant really.

Did I mention it has been cold today?

I had a visit from Georgia who was offloading oil and telling me how cold it was waiting for the oil to be processed. We talked about the Albanian shower problem and apparently, the heater for the water tank at reception is now operational although no one actually managed to mention this to me.

The Albanians are generally a pretty soppy bunch. They leave taps running and wonder why there is no hot water. They do not seem to be able to take individual or group responsibility and seem to expect others to compensate for this. I said to one of them that washing clothes in the shower uses up loads of water. He seemed unimpressed and expected the camping to supply a limitless amount of hot water to ensure there was sufficient for him to have a shower at the moment he desired. Pathetic!

As well as spending a lot of time on the phone to Richard at Inter Sport, I have spoken to Matthew and agreed that tomorrow we will knock his tax return on the head so that can be submitted and the first instalment paid. I have yet to do mine but that’s simple.

Sitting under the awning in the tent has been quite pleasant when the sun was shining. Without the tent, yesterday and today would have been very unpleasant. Working outside would have been impossible.

For a cold evening, I have cooked up a load of Fakes lentils, to supplement my cold meal. Another load of tomatoes and cucumbers was delivered by Tina’s mother this morning. She found it difficult to understand why I was still wearing shorts. I explained I was English and that was enough for her.

Must eat!



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