Lazy Saturday

Interesting article by Ian Jack in the Guardian

I’ve not seen either of the films mentioned in the article but I’m sure I will before long. Even if it’s just to see Churchill riding the Tube to test the resolve of Londoners to fight on.

You can hear Mark Kermode’s take on that scene in the YouTube clip above.

Today has been mostly warm and sunny but still with a significant degree of wind from the north. Our morning walk was uneventful but I only ran 3km today as we seem to have taken ages getting to that point in the proceedings.

I ventured into Paleochora and was able to test out my new cycle computer. I chose that particular model for the size of the screen and the bold display. It tells you all the things you need to know and helps me to keep my pace up and not to drift off into another world. Whilst at Petrakis, I told Yannis that Extra-Dog had been rehomed with Christophe and bought some premium dog food to use as treats whilst we’re out and at bedtime. I usually buy small bags which work out considerably more expensive: this time I got a larger one which was delivered in the early afternoon. They’ve had it before as it consists of variously shaped biscuits of different colours and size. I feel a bit mean giving a small biscuit to Boris when he is so much larger than the others.

I ate my breakfast sitting in the warmth of the morning sun and then prepared for the weekly phone call.

The afternoon was positively warm so I took advantage of the temperature under the awning relaxing in my chair. I might even have dropped off to sleep at one point.

The evening walk was more eventful as some of the AirSoft lot were out at the end of the Promontory. Not the regular number as I could see only one car and a motorbike in the Grammeno Beach car park. I kept Luis, Princess and Oskar with me as Princess, particularly, barks obsessively at anyone she encounters. I think it stems from the time she was alone with Pea. Luis is pleased to join her and Oskar just barks because he’s afraid of everything. The others usually run around, find someone, bark at them a little, then leave them alone. The AirSoft group know the dogs anyway and, after all, the Promontory is for everyone to enjoy.

My Move Circle closed just after I’d finished putting the dogs to bed so I was able to complete all of my exercise goals for another day. The January Challenge is to close all three circles for seven consecutive days. I have managed that. Πέντε had already crashed the gate as I was about to serve food. Funny how she always manages to turn up in time for meals.

Last night, when writing my blog, I pressed the Publish Button but didn’t wait to see if the blog had actually completed the publish procedure. It was only a text from Ursula which alerted me.

I’ll try to do better this evening.

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