Still very chilly but no wind now!

It was extremely chilly this morning with lots of wind. I tied Boris up in a sheltered location and did my run. This time I ran eight laps which is 4.2km.

We didn’t hang around much due to the wind which was cutting us in half.

I didn’t much fancy cycling to Paleochora either so opted for a brisk walk with Πέντε. She appeared to enjoy it with much scampering and dashing about. She first started walking with me when I was looking after Mickey. When he went to Chania, I then took her with Dave on the long, slow Promontory walks. We could be out for 45 minutes covering a massive 1.5km! Now she has me to herself so makes the most of it. Lau returned last night so she has an alternative. As it’s so cold, she likes sitting on the decking under the awning. Anyway, Lau is not going to be sitting outside when it’s this cold and he doesn’t allow her to come inside.

I spent a while on the phone going through Matthew’s accounts with him and then got on with some IT work. The day seemed to disappear. I missed my slot and didn’t get to the shower early enough so the water was warm rather than hot. I have no idea what they do with all the hot water.

The wind continued and the thought of going out on the evening walk was not inspiring. I had quite a few calories to burn to achieve my Move Circle so the possibility of a brief walk wasn’t an option. I can see, following this evening’s experiment, that I burn up around 400KJ on the walk then another 120KJ with the feeding and putting to bed routine. Without Dave and Extra-Dog, I now have to walk Πέντε or cycle to Paleochora and back if I’m to be sure to close my Move Circle. An extra km or two in the morning is probably going to have to be the norm may be.

The temperature has levelled off just under 10C, however, the low for today was 8.8C. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer during the day. Things will warm up on Sunday and 18C is forecast for Monday!


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