Fantastic day!

The wind finally stopped blowing and the sun came out. Considering how horrid the weather was last week, today was simply fantastic.

Boris has a lie-in so I left him in his bed whilst I took the others. That enabled me to operate at a faster pace and get the walk finished earlier. I took Boris and Πέντε out once I’d fed the others. Πέντε was unsure of Boris so doubled-back after a while. I threw Boris’ ball in the morning sunshine and he appeared to be enjoying himself. I don’t need a ball thrower anymore as Boris is not up for charging about so a short throw does the job. Good for me as I’m not much of a thrower anyway. The days of Boris dashing after his ball are over and his sight and his stamina are up to it. Still, we’re all getting older…

I went to Paleochora to Petrakis as I wanted to see what they had in the vegetable department. I created a bean stew yesterday which I felt could benefit from some leafy greens. I bought some selino which is like celery but much finer with a stronger flavour. It comes as an entire plant which you cut up and wash. I prepared it in the washing up bowl and it has been soaking all day. I’ve reheated the beans from yesterday and am about to steam the Selino. It should hopefully be filling and tasty.

There have been a number of support calls today as well as dealing with my and Matthew’s income tax forms. I’ve just got off the phone with Matthew but have already submitted his and my returns. His wife comes up for full citizenship status in June so it’s important to have sufficient income to qualify.

There is still quite a bit of support work for Inter Sport although there have been delays. I’ll be glad when January is out of the way.

Martin and his two dogs appeared in the camping this morning. He wanted to use the washing machine and run some errands. We had a good chat and I made a fuss of his dogs. One of his dogs, Cassie, is blind. He’s a bit like Obi but even skinnier. He manages ok but occasionally bumps into things.

Certainly, today was a very nice day. The high was 20.7C which is exceptional for January. Last week it was cold wet and windy and today it was warm, sunny and virtually still. I know which I prefer!

My selino has just replaced the beans on the Bain Marie so grub will shortly be up!

Selino looks a bit like miniature celery. There is also celery in Greece but they are not the same.


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