21,000 steps today!

After the main morning walk which Boris attended today, I decided not to cycle to Paleochora but make up the exercise with more walks and runs. I decided to take Πέντε for a walk as she’s a bit lazy and only gets the occasional walk with Lau. We went up the Promontory and over the rocks giving me another 249KJ off my daily goal.

The remainder of the day was rather sedentary so I had a lot to make up in the afternoon. The cycle ride is quite an easy way to dispose of 675KJ as it’s worth two walks around the Promontory. The only other exercise I’d taken was to wander up the site a couple of times and go for a shower. Πέντε was hanging around so I started to take her around the Promontory again until I remembered I’d left a pan on the hob with selino cooking. I decided to turn back and deal with that. She disappeared so I took Boris out instead. He’s not really able to keep up with the others in the evenings so it seemed like a good plan. We had a nice wander and I returned to find the dogs barking and Tina’s mother at the gate. She mentioned a problem with the electricity which I was able to fix quite quickly. She supplies me with tomatoes so deserves better service than the others.

Off out with the main contingent after feeding Boris at which point I still had quite a lot of catching up to do. We walked to the end of the Promontory and went over the rocks, then I ran a few circuits. By the time we got back, my circles were all closed so I can have the rest of the day off!

It’s been warm and sunny again today although a little windy this afternoon. The wind has moved back to the west.

More beans and selino this evening I think…


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